Tuesday, May 14, 2013

under glass.

since all the rubber stamps are up for sale (or already sold) i rearranged the domes
on this old blue blanket chest.

these domes are right next to me when i sit on the couch
and i love looking at them.

all the domes and everything else in this display came from
local estate sales.

even the beach stones, the antique blue blanket chest, and the old microscope.

these are the only vintage "office" rubber stamps left.

i only have the copy stamps left because i had 7 of them
in my stash.

and i had two of these "by messenger" stamps.

i am going to be working on alphabet and picture stamps next,
but i have to check and make sure they still "stamp".

some of them seem to be too stiff and dried out to make 
a good stamping impression.

i might have to keep them as display props if i can't get them to work.

come by and check out my destashing progress


  1. I love old office stamps, I have a few in my stamp collection. My favorite one would have to be my Top Secret stamp. good luck with your store I love your collection of fun items.

    Michelle thebashfulnest.blogspot.com


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