Monday, September 8, 2014

in a sea of white....

I have a secret.  I do not own ANY white furniture.

I have always loved american country painted furniture
so almost all my furniture pieces have old painted surfaces.

I bought this dresser in an Indianapolis, Indiana
antique mall about 15 years ago.

Since I bought it, the dresser has been in a spare bedroom
until a couple days ago.  Now it is in our family room.

It is like a "sample piece" of old grain painting.
Each drawer is painted in a slightly different style of
mustard and brown graining.

There is a reason that I am moving my furniture around
and I will share the reason in a later post.

For now I hope you enjoy looking at my "not white"

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More to come......


  1. It's lovely! I only have one white painted end table. The rest...painted pieces or wood. We are of the same mind! Also, I am impressed with how clean and edited your room looks! (not at all like my cluttered mess). Hope you are well...L

  2. I'm in the same boat as 52flea - one small white painted table (on casters that I use for photo shoots) otherwise everything else is painted, wood or great to get a shot of your interior...

  3. I love the warmth of wood furniture and you've got a faux painted beauty! Your clock is gorgeous, too.


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