Monday, January 26, 2015

the snow princess has arrived!

Finally our new stove and hood are installed in the kitchen.

Our old stove still worked and was okay, 
but it here when we moved in 26 years ago
and we have replaced all our other kitchen appliances with white.

We were ready for a change.

The lights on the new hood are about 10 times
brighter than our old lights.

Here is our old stove that is now gone to be recycled.

And you can see we replaced the cabinet knobs since this photo was taken.

I love a white kitchen, but it has to be warmed up with my
rustic touches to make it homey enough for me.

What do you think?



  1. I like it and the new cabinet knobs look good, too! Sometimes I think it's never ending when you own a house but the alternative is not great! Have fun making it homey!

  2. I am howling with laughter - we replaced our old stove as well - arrived one week before Thanksgiving (a 3month horror story on delivery but that's old news now) ITS THE SAME STOVE
    And yes - the new lights on the overhead fan are so bright - initially I thought too bright but now I love it! Enjoy! it looks terrific!


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