Friday, May 8, 2015

adding a coat rack to the entryway. step one

This front entryway has probably been the most "undone" room in our house
for 25 years.  The previous owners put in a wood floor,
but never put back the molding and we added French Doors 
and glass closet doors and never added molding.

And the front door hardware and light fixtures are probably 40 years old.

Not the best first impression, huh?

But all that is changing now.
A couple of weeks ago we added all the missing molding and
repainted everything.

We have ordered new door hardware.  It will be
here in a month.

The old light fixture is down, but I haven't picked out a new one yet.
I am stuck on that.

But I knew I wanted something else.  I wanted a hook rack for
coats and hats.

I thought about building a horizontal farmhouse wall.  We still may do
that later.

But then I remembered that I had this 1800's blue painted header
out in the garage.

It is 7 feet long.  Just the perfect size for the space.

And all our rooms have primitive painted furniture
so it fits right in.

We put it up yesterday and now i am thinking about
knobs and hooks.

You'll have to wait to see what I come up with.

*I don't have any idea what it is going to be.

Here is the space before the header was added.  And that is our old, very worn,
shiny bright brass hardware.

I am going to start looking tomorrow for knobs or hooks.

Right now the header doesn't quite look tied into the space, but
I am withholding judgement until I see it with
hooks and stuff hanging on it.

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