Tuesday, May 29, 2012

summer inspiration board and Facebook

hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

the weather here was sunny, 
but hot.

i went to the cedarburg wisconsin
flea market on sunday.

yesterday just relaxed
and enjoyed myself.

this morning it was back to work.

first thing on the agenda today
was putting a link to my new Facebook business page
on my sidebar here.

at least an hour of frustration,
but i finally did it.

the whole setting up a Facebook account and 
adding a business page for
has been a steep learning curve
including being kicked out of my brand new Facebook account
for two weeks and having to prove my identity
with a photo id.

every part of it has been difficult.

was it that hard for any of you?

enjoy your week, everyone.
see you tomorrow.


  1. yes! it was brutal. wonder why they don't make it easier?
    glad you got through it :)

  2. well...it is a small world...I grew up in Cedarburg...was it Maxwell street days you went to? as a child, lived just down the street from the fairgrounds in town...I haven't been back in a number of years...its changed quite a bit since I left in 1979 - but still a fun place to visit!

    and yes, it took a little time and effort to get my FB biz page set up - but all good now - https://www.facebook.com/FourCornersDesign
    heading over to yours now...


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