Wednesday, October 17, 2012

a lucky hunch.

the sun is shining!

i have to admit that i don't buy much for myself anymore.
i have more than enough "stuff".

but something about a recent estate sale ad caught my attention so 
i decided to take a look.

so my first step was to google map the address.
but there was no such street.

then i had to get creative.  i found an address that looked similar
and off i went.

my tenacity paid off and i found the sale, but because of the address error
a lot of others didn't.  lucky for me.  not so good for the sellers.

and i love what i found.

these are my favorite things.  a lovely old wooden bowl and
pretty old primitive cutlery.

have you ever had a lucky hunch that has gotten you a wonderful find?


  1. Yes, I'm sure I have Joan....and I LOVE your, love, love. You know those treasures are the kind I just can't bear to part with! Enjoy! :)

  2. wonderful that you followed your instincts...which I find usually works out for the the old utensils...


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