Friday, January 18, 2013

loving this today.

i don't remember where the image of this lovely
paper dress came from,

{i think it is made from phone book pages}

but i am loving it today.
what is inspiring you?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

i've never had more.

before i start talking about vintage faucet handles
i just want to thank all of you
who have visited and bought from my etsy shop
over the last couple of days.

thank you so much!
i really appreciate it.

now on to vintage faucet handles.
i have had some mid-winter luck, and have hunted up
a nice selection
 over the last couple of weeks.

and after spending hours taking their glamour shots...

the end result is that i have the best
ever available in my etsy shop.

i have many different colors, sizes, quantities
and styles.

this is just a small sampling of what is available
so if you have any projects in mind
that call for vintage faucet handles
now is the time to buy.

blue ones.

{as an aside.  over the last 6 months
 my etsy vintage faucet handles have been featured
 by two very popular diy blogs which has been wonderful for sales!}

single ones
in bright yellow.

black iron.

and funny little "spidery" flower ones.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

this old house.

over the years i have accumulated  
old hardware.

some of it because i thought i might use it
in my projects


some of it just for the beauty of it's old paint history
and lovely patina.

now all of these
 and other coveted hardware treasures
are being sold in my etsy shop.

it's time for someone else to love
and use them.


i have really enjoyed looking through my collection.
many of them bring back memories of
fun estate sales 
and great adventures.

now they will be a part of others' lives.


maybe some of them will
work for your own artistic projects.

they are available in my shop's supply section.

there are many other new additions to my etsy shop.

after months of listing christmas items
it is fun to add things
with the coming year in mind.