Tuesday, October 22, 2013

a keeper. vintage find of the weekend.

i don't buy much to keep anymore......
you know, the problem with where to put
"one more thing".

but i couldn't resist this primitive cabinet
with its touches of mint green paint.

psst..  the old tops are going to be for sale.

i found them at this estate sale.

email me if you are interested.
i am going to sell them as a collection.

i found a temporary home for it
and filled it with my collection
of old bird carvings.

i took about 10 minutes flat to have
it loaded with stuff.

a funny, tiny penguin carving
next to painted wooden yo yos i found

i think all the colors are perfect together.

tomorrow photos from the redecorating sale
where i found this sweet little cabinet.

meanwhile please visit my shop,

did you find a treasure this weekend?

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  1. A beautiful piece ~ and your so right about the mint green. It just makes it so much more. Love your birds also. Have a great week! ~ Jenn

  2. Oh, what an awesome little cupboard ! Love it! You've done a great job filling it, too ! Sweet !

  3. The whole setting is just lovely, especially the birdies! Great catch, Joan :)

  4. I'm loving your cabinet with traces of wallpaper decorating the inside! Your bird collection is just the right thing to display among the flowers. Sweet!


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