Saturday, October 26, 2013

points of interest. the highwood, illlinois pumpkin festival.

This is the sunday morning aftermath of the Highwood, Illinois Great Pumpkin Festival.

You can see how the pumpkins look when they are all lighted at night here on the festival's website.
Be sure to watch the video on their website and see the festival in action.

I think that on Sunday morning people could come by and take home free carved pumpkins.  i saw several families picked out their favorites.

Here is a happy couple with their selection.

The pumpkins were lined up as far as the eye could see and even around down blocks and out of sight.  

Next year i am going to get photos of all the pumpkins lighted at night.  I am sure it was an amazing site.  This is an event that would be much better shown as a video so you could see the scope and volume of pumpkins.

And photos of the number of people attending this fun event.  I couldn't get close to the festival on Saturday to get any pictures.  I will have a better plan next year.

Hope you enjoyed a look at this fun event.  If you are local and especially if you have kids plan on going next year.  Every year it gets bigger and bigger.  

Have you seen any good pumpkins lately?

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  1. This looks like a blast.
    I will be posting on Sunday some of the pumpkins from the WI state parks around me.


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