Monday, October 21, 2013

vintage skeleton key wreath. diy tutorial.

i decided i had to do a skeleton key wreath
for halloween
when i discovered all these keys in my stash of stuff.

one of my requirements for any project is that i use
stuff i already have, if possible.

so i had a straw wreath,
a roll of "tree wrap".
 some "autumn" flower branches, 
a roll of wired "twig" stuff,
 dollar tree halloween decorations left over from my last show,
and some old skeleton keys.

the tools you'll need are a pair of scissors
 and wire cutters (if you use wire).

the cost of this wreath was zero.

but the dollar tree,
 your junk stash,
 and your yard could yield everything you need.

you could use real twigs and leaves
buy a dollar tree wreath, decorations and crepe paper.

or you could use burlap ribbon or even
brown wrapping paper cut into strips to wrap your wreath.

raid the junk drawer for some keys.

and use twine or string to hold things in place instead of wired twig.
or just use your glue gun.

here is my wreath wrapped with tree wrap.
tree wrap is available at your local garden center.

it is a lovely brown color and a nice weight and texture.

it is like heavy crepe paper.

for attaching everything
 raffia, twine, string, or just regular wire would
if you don't have wired "twig" stuff hanging around
at your house.

i cut the autumn flowers into workable lengths.

for my wreath, nothing is glued on.
it is all just wired or tucked into place.

i think i might want to use the wrapped wreath again
so i didn't want to use hot glue.

these little skeletons that come in sets of 6 or 8
are my all time favorite dollar tree items.

dollar tree is my favorite of all the 
dollar stores.

the mouse and bat and other scary critters also come
in group packages all for a dollar at the dollar tree.

i used about 5 skeleton keys tucked round the wreath,
but you could use any kind of key on
your wreath.

need keys?

no problem.

and i have keys,  lots and lots of keys of
all kinds

i am going to be doing more diy tutorials
and i need your help.

frankly i am out of practice.

do you have any suggestions to improve this one?

what did you like about it?

what didn't you like about it?

what would you like me to do differently?

too long?  too short?
not enough details?  too many?

how were the pictures?

or you can make suggestions of other tutorials you would
like me to do.

thank you so much for your help and suggestions.
i really appreciate it.



  1. I loved your tutorial. I especially love the part where you use all things you have found around the house in your own stash.

    Thanks for sharing all of your crafting tips, they are inspiring me !! :)


  3. Creative! I love making use of things I already have. Great Fall wreath by just taking out the Halloween pieces to use it through Thanksgiving!

  4. Forgot to thank you for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!!!


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