Tuesday, November 5, 2013

among the ruins.

one of the things i have always loved about estate sales
is the opportunity to see little glimpses
of a past life.

from that window (next photo) at the top of this lovely old home
i could see this abandoned little room
attached to an old carriage house.

so i had to take a closer look.

i didn't find anything to buy at the sale,
but i did get to see a piece of the past
that may be gone soon when the new owners move in.

what did they use that room for?  how did it look when it was new?

was it a greenhouse?
why did they abandon it?

 mysteries of the past......


  1. I do the same thing at Estate Sales:) I think about the people who lived in the home! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Hi Joan....Love these photos...and, of course, I do the same! Love the pink paint of the room which looks to me from your photos as if it once was a little greenhouse. If only we could see the sun shining through those windows filled with plants and flowers and tended to by a lovely soul with a penchant for pink! Hope you are well and enjoying the autumn. Take care, Laura :)


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