Saturday, December 21, 2013

a most unusual bottle brush tree. spun cotton ornaments.

i have been selling all of my vintage christmas collection
over the last 4 years on etsy.

this year i sold my favorite thing in my collection.
this unusual bottle brush tree in the shape of a feather tree was the one
thing i liked the very best.

i bought it at an estate sale many years ago decorated with those miniature ornaments.

i sold it a couple of weeks ago.  with all the ornaments!

i had four old spun cotton icicles in my collection.

they now live with the bottle brush tree
in their new home.

i have always loved old spun cotton ornaments.
look at the wonderful details of these two icicles.

here are some closeups of the ornaments.

that garland in these photos is still available.

here is what i currently have available for sale from my

and you can see everything else at

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