Thursday, October 23, 2014

the two 2's.

Two of my favorite things.

But for years and years they have been tucked away in the 
bottom of a closet.

However, during my recent cleaning-out, decluttering,
destashing, tossing, and furniture moving...
I finally found a place for them.

I have always thought they look like swans.

They are big.  2 feet wide and high.

I found them hanging on a tree at a flea market in
Michigan.  It was love at first sight.


  1. Wish I had the vision you have to see things. I love them like you are using, but probably would not have bought them myself. Ver yinteresting and can be used in different ways.

  2. Those are "2" cute:) Have a blessed day! HUGS!

  3. I love the numbers. They look fabulous on your wall. Have a great week... :)


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