Thursday, April 23, 2015

let there be molding and picking paint.

See that French Door molding?
Looks like it has always been there, right?

Well, not so.  It was finished yesterday 
after a 20+ year lag between door installation
and molding.

As soon as we moved here 25 years ago I knew
I wanted to add French Doors to this opening.

Why didn't we have the carpenters finish the molding then?

I really don't remember,
but it was a challenge as I will explain below.

We started this project Sunday and finished on Wednesday so this 
was one of our fastest finishes....
after the first 20 year lag, that is.

Now I picking out an accent wall color.
This is the first thing someone sees when they walk into our house.

Back to the challenging part of the molding.

If you look closely at the left and right side moldings,
you'll see that they are both angled from top to bottom.

These side molding had to be specially cut to fit by a
cabinet shop.

Now that everything is painted I don't think anyone
will ever notice.... but us, of course.

Another project done.

Now i am working on another unfinished molding right around the
corner from the clock face.

This one is around glass closet doors we added, of course, more than
20 years ago when we first moved in.

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