Monday, August 22, 2016

Done! Fix a rotted window sill.

Repaired potting shed window sill!

Here is a reminder of where I started.

A photo of the hole I found after I cleaned
all the rot away.


First I had to add a "floor" so I had something to support the new sill.

Before I put the "floor" in I treated the surrounding wood with
a fungicide and an insect treatment.  The next day I added a 
wood hardener to the old wood.

I used a scrap piece of wood I had in the basement for the floor.

I pounded it into place so I had a tight fit.

My local fence contractor puts out scraps of wood in a bin in front of their shop.
I cut the sill from a scrap of cedar I found in the bin.

Around the sill I added 2 part epoxy to fill in the smaller spaces.

Each of the steps takes a day because each product needs to dry.

The last step was to paint the sill with "Beyond Paint," which is a wonderful 
indoor and outdoor paint that is both a primer and finish coat.

And it sticks to anything.

Done.  Now onto the next late summer project.

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