Friday, August 5, 2016

I am still around~ Patio facelift.


Just a little update to let you know what I've been up to.

My potting shed and interlocking brick patio are 20 years old.

I had them build for my 50th birthday.
I paid for them with my antique business profits.

Now 20 years later,
the interlocking brick patio was looking sad and neglected.  It was
dirty, mossy, and had weeds growing between the bricks.

So we had it power washed and re-sanded.  I am amazed how good
it turned out.  Power washing is an amazing thing.

The urn on the far right is one of a pair.  They are 60 years old and looked it
so I did something I rarely do, I repainted antiques.

The patio table and chairs are 20 years old and they too looked
sad and chipped.  They are aluminum, and we bought them from
a local grocery store for $150.

I have always liked their style and their original color which was
a little lighter than the repaint.

This color is Oregano in a satin finish.

I used Rust-O-Leum's 2X Ultracover since the table and chairs are
aluminum, the base is iron, and the ring in the middle of the
table is plastic.

I wanted everything to match.

This picture was taken just as the sun was starting to shine through
the trees.

Now I am moving on to some other outdoor
furniture that needs refreshing.


  1. Well, it is nice to see you are still with us! Love the pretty patio and furniture! Enjoy your day dear friend and don't stay gone so long:) HUGS!

  2. Glad you're back The patio looks very inviting The oregano color is pretty

    linda m

  3. Beautiful. I love the brick and the cleanest of the yard. Looks great. Thanks for sharing.


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