Thursday, September 1, 2016

Asphalt Restorations Driveway Repair.

This is the completed project.  Sealcoated and restored driveway.

The texture of the new and old sections are different.  They will always be different.

But for the price and ease of repair this process can't be beat.

Total replacement of driveway was 6 times the cost.

Replacement of this section was more than 2 times the cost.

This is what we started with.  Our driveway has already been replaced once.
The rest of the driveway is in good condition.
The problem was right in front of the garage door where there was a drop 
of 2 inches and major cracking.

This is the most common driveway issue.

Aphalt Restoration guys come in with a machine that heats sections
of the existing driveway, then they add asphalt as needed,
and spread the new and reused asphalt.

They make a neat seam between the new and old 
aphalt.  We had a 6 ft section of our double wide driveway restored.


This is a much better looking seam than you get if the repair guys cut out and 
replace your asphalt.

And the process takes about an hour for a patch our size.

Not days.

The final step is to have the driveway sealcoated by a sealcoating company.

You have to wait about a month for the patch to cure before sealcoating.
You can drive on the patch in 24 hours.

See how the asphalt is now the same level as our cement apron.

Here is the "after" picture again.  This is after sealcoating.


  1. Looks great:) I need to have mine seal coated! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Wow Your driveway is looking quite nice ♥


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