Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Step #2~ The clean up and shelf.

Everything is cleaned up behind the potting shed.

The pots in the next photo are gone.

The hoses will be in their places by the weekend.

The messy pile of pots is gone!

The old wood leaning on the fence (shown in the next photo) is stacked neatly in the garage.

One of the boards is now the painted shelf
over the potting table.

That yellow wheelbarrow, along with the red Haws watering can, has been with me at every house 
for the last 40 years.

Now it is waiting another summer of use.

If you scroll back up to the last photo,
you will see that I fixed the broken fence picket in
this photo.

New mulch is down, and all the bushes are trimmed.

Over the summer I will be on the lookout for something neat
to put on the back wall between the table and the shelf.

For now I am just happy to have the
main elements in place.

By the way, I keep my potting soil in that
old galvanized trash can.  

Bring on spring!

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