Monday, April 2, 2018

Wood wallpaper covered mantel. Make it wood the easy way. Peel and stick wallpaper

Yes, that is peel and stick wallpaper with a wood grain pattern
covering my old mantel.

I think it turned out great.

And it looks good in person.

I wanted the mantel to look like one, hunky piece of wood.

It was hard finding an online peel and stick wallpaper that looked like one piece of wood
AND was the "right" color.

Under this wallpaper is another wallpaper, more like contact paper,
that did NOT work.

I left that wallpaper on and covered it with the new wallpaper.

I am glad I did because this wallpaper is extremely sticky, and
I would be hard to get off my white wood mantel later.

Now it is attached to the old wallpaper and not my mantel.

I can strip the whole thing off and my white mantel would be
good as new.

What did I do about those ridges on the top and bottom of my mantel?

I filled them in with cardboard and used painters tape to attach the
cardboard to the mantel.

That gave me a rectangular box to cover up with wallpaper.

Why didn't I just cover up the mantel with wood?

I did not want the mantel to be any bigger, and I did not want to
damage the white wood so when another owner wanted to 
tackle the mantel with their own ideas.

What do you think of my DIY "wood" wallpaper mantel?