Wednesday, October 22, 2014

another collection up for sale.... antique cast iron doorstops.

I have 10 antique cast iron doorstops in my collection,
and yesterday I started listing them for sale.

I took these photos so I can remember how they looked
after they are gone.


Monday, October 20, 2014

it is just a wall, but.....

It is just a small wall,
but I am so proud of my husband and I
for building it.


Over twenty-five years ago
we added air-conditioning to our house
And they needed a place to add a
cold air return.

So my husband and I tore out an uninteresting
cabinet so they could put a vent in.

And we have lived with this black hole
ever since.

We always thought we would add bookcases or something

But nothing ever happened and recently
we decided a plain wall would be just fine.

I have never build a wall before
so the lumber yard was the first stop.

For instructions and materials.

 We used molding recycled from the "black hole"
for the top and bottom of the wall.

  Ta Da!

A new wall.

And you can see that we have a real life.

Notice our ever-present vacuum.

Next project is some more painting
in this room.

I was going to change the yellow paint in this room, 
but when Home Depot could match this 15+ years old
Ralph Lauren color exactly i decided not to.