Friday, April 17, 2015

Bathroom remodeling... We are almost done!

I left you at the low point in our master bathroom remodeling.

We have gotten beyond that low point and are almost done.

The walls are painted Benjamin Moore's Guilford Green HC~116.
I used their bath and spa line again since it is mildew resistant.

The bottoms of the walls are beadboard wallpaper painted
Benjamin Moore"s White Dove.  

I put the beadboard trim at 57 inches above the floor.  I wanted more white
and less green. 

The beadboard trim is casement molding turned upside down.  
 I wanted that little top edge to put stuff on.

I ordered the beadboard wallpaper from Home Depot.Com.

One note about the paint color.  It is not as "minty" as it looks in the photos.
It is a softer, silvery green.  And it is Benjamin Moore's color for the year 2015.

The bathroom is very pristine and fresh looking.
A bit too pristine and fresh looking for my taste, so the first thing I did 
was to add this antique rustic "for sale" sign.

This is a remodeling project born out of necessity.

Our old toilet c.1972 was sinking into the basement
because the floor was rotted underneath it.

So our biggest expense was having the bad flooring and tile torn out,
repaired and replaced.  That is a part of the project I did not want to take
on myself so we hired experts.

The floor was so uneven that pink "marble" tile was cracked in multiple places.
It also had ugly, dark grouting.

We still have a pink/tan bathtub.  That is the last undone part of
our project.  We are going to have it reglazed white.

More details in another post.
I just wanted you all to know that we had moved
onward and upward with this project.

The front hallway is next!

So the "for sale" sign lasted a couple of hours.
I have already replaced it with this
print of sea shells.

I think it goes better with the fish
shower curtain and 
other seashore touches around the room.

That is how fast things change around here.
Wham bam and the sign is gone.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

reduced to crying... remodeling unexpected findings.

We had some unexpected setbacks in our second bathroom remodeling
late last week.

Enough of them that I was reduced to tears.

We are back on track, but it was a stressful couple of days.

Here is something that went RIGHT, to balance out the wrong.

I wanted to cover the bottom of the window with something
that would block the view from outside,
but not block the light.

And, of course, then I had to give it my own special spin.

This is window cling film that I bought from Home Depot.
It is frosted plastic.

I used a craft hole punch to cut out the circles.
And then I added the circle cut outs to the top of the window
to look like bubbles.

Quick, easy, inexpensive and fun.

My kind of project.

Now back to the hard stuff.  The electrician is one his way.

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