Sunday, November 27, 2016

Birdhouse brought back from ruin.

Total restoration.  Finished.

All the holes and rotted wood fixed
and repainted!

Our birdhouse has been outside for 15 years.

It had many holes and lots of rotted wood 
from those years outside.

The top section totally fell apart.

Here is the birdhouse as a work in progress.

I had already used a product to harden the rotted wood
and two part epoxy to fill the holes.

From far away the birdhouse looked fine,
but up close I could tell we needed to do something
quick to keep it from falling apart.

I used two products that were in a kit called
Rot Fix.

The next step after filling the holes was sanding the birdhouse.

After sanding I used a new paint called "Beyond Paint" 
that adheres to everything and can be used
indoors and out.

Here is a fun fact.  The new round top section is
a vintage base for a glass dome
turned upside down.

Just like those bases shown under the glass domes
in this photo.

Now our birdhouse is back outside.

Ready for many more years of use!

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Monday, October 31, 2016

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Crash went the glass.

Earlier this month the glass top of our 20+ year old patio table
shattered in a wind storm.  (See last photo in this post.)

So after waiting for 2 weeks for a new table to arrive from Amazon~
it didn't,
We ordered one from Wayfair.

Two days and free shipping and it was here.

My husband has never liked having a glass topped table
so we took the opportunity to buy a different kind.

We also wanted something slightly smaller than our old table.

This one is 42 inches in diameter.

Earlier this summer I had repainted our patio set with
Rustoleum 2X paint in 'Oregano".

I bought extra paint at the time so I had the paint to
make our new black table match our
old chairs and umbrella stand.

Now we can enjoy the last warm days
of autumn on the patio.

I think the paint made everything match

What do you think?

Bye, old table.  You did your job faithfully for
over 20 years.

We put the frame on the curb.
and it is getting a new life somewhere.

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