Wednesday, December 25, 2013

merry christmas~ antique feather tree with spun cotton ornaments.

merry christmas, everyone!

this year i decorated my antique feather tree
with vintage spun cotton fruit and vegetables.

about 20 years ago i bought a full van load of old spun cotton millinery fruit and vegetables
 from the owner of a closed millinery supply house.

it is the single biggest vintage purchase i ever made.

i have sold everything from that purchase, but i make ornaments to
remember that wonderful, old find.

come by and see my new year-round vintage christmas section.
i have hundreds of things to list.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

a most unusual bottle brush tree. spun cotton ornaments.

i have been selling all of my vintage christmas collection
over the last 4 years on etsy.

this year i sold my favorite thing in my collection.
this unusual bottle brush tree in the shape of a feather tree was the one
thing i liked the very best.

i bought it at an estate sale many years ago decorated with those miniature ornaments.

i sold it a couple of weeks ago.  with all the ornaments!

i had four old spun cotton icicles in my collection.

they now live with the bottle brush tree
in their new home.

i have always loved old spun cotton ornaments.
look at the wonderful details of these two icicles.

here are some closeups of the ornaments.

that garland in these photos is still available.

here is what i currently have available for sale from my

and you can see everything else at

Thursday, November 14, 2013

vintage holiday packaging. dennison tags.


these old red dennison tags are selling fast.  i have one set left in my shop.


 i still have several groups of old red and green edged dennison tags.

i found the tags in a box in this basement.

they didn't throw anything away.  they owned a retail shop
sometime in the past and took everything home when they closed.

i've made "sample" sheets of old 1960's wrapping paper from damaged
bundles that i bought many, many years ago at another an estate sale.

the fold edges and the edges in general were damaged so
i cut down and made packages of the "good parts".

above are the varieties of paper sheets that are in each bundle.

the next three photos are vintage wrapping papers 
 in good condition.

everything is available in

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

brilliant. ornamental kale.

for autumn decorating
ornamental kale are just brilliant!

some years i go for a more muted range of colors,
but this year i chose flashy.

they even look nice through a couple of hard freezes.
one of our local nurseries sells them for just $4.95.

and they have kept them at that price
 more more than 10 years.

this curly leaf kale is being brilliant
in front of my potting shed.

do you have a favorite outdoor decoration for autumn?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

among the ruins.

one of the things i have always loved about estate sales
is the opportunity to see little glimpses
of a past life.

from that window (next photo) at the top of this lovely old home
i could see this abandoned little room
attached to an old carriage house.

so i had to take a closer look.

i didn't find anything to buy at the sale,
but i did get to see a piece of the past
that may be gone soon when the new owners move in.

what did they use that room for?  how did it look when it was new?

was it a greenhouse?
why did they abandon it?

 mysteries of the past......

Thursday, October 31, 2013

easy peasy. diy halloween mason jars.

i called them mason jars in my title,
but they will always be ball jars to me.
after all, i graduated from ball state university
in muncie, indiana.

home of ball brothers glass canning jar company.

i had some cute little shorties.
added book page shred made in my shredder.
and dollar tree plastic skulls.

cut out some circles made from leftover "halloween" paper.
topped them with dollar tree bugs and tied on a rubber stamped bug tag.

fun and easy and free.
i already had everything i needed to make these scary jars
to decorate my potting shed for the holiday.

my esty shop~

points of interest. highland park, illinois downtown halloween display.

only some of the halloween displays in highland park, illinois'

worth the trip if you are close by.

love the colors and all the great artistic displays
with live plants and lots of creativity.
a visual treat.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

points of interest. the highwood, illlinois pumpkin festival.

This is the sunday morning aftermath of the Highwood, Illinois Great Pumpkin Festival.

You can see how the pumpkins look when they are all lighted at night here on the festival's website.
Be sure to watch the video on their website and see the festival in action.

I think that on Sunday morning people could come by and take home free carved pumpkins.  i saw several families picked out their favorites.

Here is a happy couple with their selection.

The pumpkins were lined up as far as the eye could see and even around down blocks and out of sight.  

Next year i am going to get photos of all the pumpkins lighted at night.  I am sure it was an amazing site.  This is an event that would be much better shown as a video so you could see the scope and volume of pumpkins.

And photos of the number of people attending this fun event.  I couldn't get close to the festival on Saturday to get any pictures.  I will have a better plan next year.

Hope you enjoyed a look at this fun event.  If you are local and especially if you have kids plan on going next year.  Every year it gets bigger and bigger.  

Have you seen any good pumpkins lately?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

serendipity. a redecorating sale.

remember my "keeper" cabinet
from a couple of days ago.

i said i would show you pictures
from the redecorating sale
where i found it.

a lot of serendipity is involved in shopping for neat old stuff.

and this is certainly a case of that.
my husband and i were coming back home from a "not good"
estate sale and saw an "antiques sale" sign.

and this is what we found. 

i found something to sell in my etsy shop in that lovely pile
of fabric.

of course, i noticed the owner collected stone fruit.

and all of that lovely metal caught my eye in the

the owner has wonderful taste and she is redecorating
in a slightly different style.

it was fun and interesting visiting with her
and i love my purchases.

if we had driven a different way home,
we would never have seen her sign.

linked to

if you live near highland park, illinois
the owner is adding new things and will be open
saturday, october 26.
email me and i will give you the location
and hours of the sale.