Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Vintage 4th of July Blog Party

It's that time again~ another Vintage Holiday Blog Party~ The 4th of July.

AND, it's all about the RED, WHITE, and BLUE.

How do you show your patriotic spirit? How do you celebrate the holiday? What are your family's traditions?

I am pretty much a brown, beige, and white person EXCEPT on the 4th of July.

Then it is all about the colors of the American Flag.

Show us your Vintage 4th of July decorating then RELAX and enjoy the holiday.

{Love the irony of Made in Japan under each of these vintage flag lapel pins.}

Remember that your post should be of Vintage 4th of July items or something made from Vintage 4th of July elements. New items may be included in your post, but I request that the focus be on Vintage items.

Instructions for linking your post to the party:

Write and publish your Vintage 4th of July Party Post. After your post is published click on your post's title and copy it. Come over to this post and...

Click on the LINK button below and follow the instructions to add your post's link. Add a link to your specific post, not your general blog.

Next copy the title of this post and paste it in your Vintage 4th of July Party Post and/or add it to your sidebar. That way your readers can find all of the other Vintage 4 of July Party participants.

Finally, take a trip around the other party participants' posts to celebrate Vintage Independence Day 2010, leave a comment so they know you came by to visit.

Thank you everyone for taking part as a participant or reader! I will be doing a recap, as usual, of my favorite posts! If you have a question or problem leave me a comment and I will get back to you. Enjoy!

Happy Vintage 4th of July!

Note: If you come back to check your link and it ISN'T here, it is probably because it doesn't include VINTAGE items! Thank you very much to everyone who followed the instructions!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Button, Button, Who's got the Button?

I have to admit that I spent much of the weekend reading about all the wonderful Where Bloggers Create workspaces. There are 450 bloggers participating in this party. I am up to the "S's".

Read my next post to see a "Keeping It Real" look at my workspace.

I did take Sunday morning off to attend the local parking lot flea market. My favorite purchase was this little plastic box filled with a lovely button collection.

Not surprisingly the vendor was a guy. I would have really been surprised to have found all these great buttons being sold by a women vendor for the price I paid. I would have purchased the neat green box empty for the same amount.

These will be great flower centers.

Another vendor, a former watchmaker, had all of these neat bottle sets including tiny clock parts.

Some extra clock parts thrown in a box.

Love these little bottles with red writing saying "Best Fit".

Back to reading more of the
Where Bloggers Create
I will be doing a recap of the party later this week featuring my favorite workspaces.

Anyone else taking on reading all of the Where Bloggers Create posts????