Monday, February 28, 2011

What is inspiring me now!

Eggs, nests, and Spring Green.

That's what is inspiring me right now!

What's inspiring you as you get ready for March?

March is such an unpredictable Month,
isn't it?

Stop by and see what I have added to
anythinggoeshere.etsy for spring. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Tisket, A Tasket, Some Little Egg Baskets

As Mother Nature dumped a new load of snow
on Chicagoland this morning

I needed

a little dose of


How about you?

Thank you to everyone who emailed and wrote comments
yesterday for my project.
Now all there is to do is wait.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Instant Collection: A Latch Stash

You are going to need one of these soon.

You just don't know it yet.

It is like insurance.

You'll kick yourself later for not getting them now.

Oops!  Someone has already bought their insurance and the Latch Stash is sold.
It took someone only 15 minutes to buy some protection.

I am listing other vintage hardware from my personal stash.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Red is the NEW Black!

All this month I have been hunting around the house
for red things to add to anythinggoeshere.etsy.

Here are the latest RED additions to my shop.

Five Vintage Glass Spice Jars with old Red Labels.

Fifty 1920's Checks from a Chicago Furniture Store.

A Vintage Wire Hanging Basket with Red Handles

Two Gardening Tools with Red and Orangish Red Handles.
Think Spring!

An old Chalkboard Compass with Original Box.

Three Vintage Scissors including Red Handled
Kitchen Shears.

A 1940's Ball Toss Game

A set of Three Tack Handles including a Red Head.

See all of these PLUS my other additions at

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tomato Red

I like my red as bright as possible.

What I always have called Tomato Red.

This is what I mean!

Bright, clear, fun, jazzy.

Lots of examples here.

On the shelves of my very favorite things.

Red, red, red.  And more red.

A photo of these shelves was on the title
page of Jessie Walker's Country Decorating book.

Nothing catches the eye more than red.

Are you a "red" fan.   And what is your favorite color?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Destashing a Default Stash. Huh?

What does that title mean, you say?

I recently wrote another post about Destashing.

Simply put destashing is getting rid of your stashes.
You know, those things that have stashed themselves around
your house. 

One of my stashes was this collection of vintage whisk brooms.

But, what is a "default stash"?


Whisk brooms were what I bought "by default" when I couldn't find
anything else at an Estate Sale.

It was like the game, Where's Waldo?

I would walk around the Estate Sale looking for
the whisk broom(s).

In old-time households there was almost ALWAYS at least one somewhere.

In the kitchen.

In the mudroom.

On a hook near the stairs to the basement.

At my house this stash was hanging on nails all around the
potting table in my garage.

That is until recently.

Now this stash has been destashed successfully
and is living all around the world.

Number 4 of the reasons why I sell on Etsy~

A quick and fun way to destash a longtime stash.

What's happening at your house?
Stashing or Destashing or Both?
I'd have to say that I am still a both.

Stop by and see what I am Destashing today at

Monday, February 14, 2011

I heart HEARTS!

I was poking around my stuff yesterday...thinking about dusting, just thinking...

 and I realized that I have never shared
my collection of antique hearts with you.

Don't you think Valentine's Day is the perfect time to do that?

All of these were found by me at local Estate Sales over the past 20 years.

This first heart was handmade by a very talented carver.  

The interlocking wooden crown of thorns and everything else you see was carved from one piece of wood.  That split you see in the crown on thorns is from the wood drying out over the years.

This is the backside of the heart.  The carver used what he had around the house.  

This is a litho paper label probably from an old fruit crate.  

As you can see he didn't even bother to carve the heart right side up on the label.

The Sacred Heart was then hand
painted and stained.  It is 5 by 5 inches.  I found it with the jelly jars
in a basement.

This German Cookie Mold is a much bigger piece at 18 inches high by 9 inches wide.

But again it is a homemade piece.  Very rough, imperfect and charming.

The backside shows a first attempt.  Turned it over and started again.

This heart love token is dated 1/18/55.

Again the carver, probably Ward, was showing his skill by carving the heart and the two rings
from one piece of wood.

I hope Marge appreciated his efforts.  I do.

This especially artistic heart is also hand carved.  It was attached to something
in the past... You can see the 4 nail holes.

This heart carving is 6.5 inches high by 6 inches wide.

It is amazing to me that someone could make wood look and feel so 

This Sacred Heart is my latest find.  It was hanging next to the front door
of a darling beach cottage in Illinois' chain of lakes region
 a couple of weeks ago.

That is all fabric under the curved glass dome.  Probably commercially made,
but I have never seen one like it before. 

It has a metal back and is 5.5 inches high and 4.5 inches wide. 

If anyone knows anything about it please leave a comment or email me.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my little heart collection.
Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!

I do have some other hearts from my collection for sale
 at anythinggoeshere.etsy if you are interested.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Red Hots!!!!!

With Valentine's Day just around the corner
I have recently added some Red Hot items to my


I just love red at Valentine's Day, don't you?

See all of these listings and more at anythinggoeshere.etsy.