Saturday, October 29, 2011

some yummy little extras.

i was SO happy with my boat load of vintage glitter
at tuesday morning's estate sale.

and then i found these
vintage holly berry candleholders.

i sold a pair in my etsy shop last christmas.

(i don't notice those little things like candle wax
until i see the photographs.
oh, well.)

these are nice old ones patented on 5-17-21.
ninety years ago.

available at anythinggoeshere.etsy.

Friday, October 28, 2011

it takes so little to make me happy and the FIRST snowman of the year.

all it takes to make me happy is a tuesday morning estate sale
in the country, and
scoring a jumbo-sized stash of vintage german glass glitter.

pounds of yum!

here is the first snow guy of the year.
available at anythinggoeshere.etsy.

made by my own little hands.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

dare i do it?

yes, i guess i do.
show you more vintage skirt hangers.

black accented ones this time.

i have three of these.  classic black.
every room need a little touch of black, i always say.

nice for all year long.
a fun and unusual gift.

then i will be done posting about vintage skirt hangers
 for a while.
just know that i will be adding more to my etsy shop until they're gone, gone, gone.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a psa about vintage red stamps and folding skirt hangers.

after selling thousands and thousands of vintage red postage stamps
in my etsy shop, i am beginning to run out.

if you have thought how nice these would be for a
valentine's day project, i predict that they will be gone by then.
i don't think they will make it though christmas.

so if you want some, i would suggest buying now.

 last vintage skirt hanger
with red accents is SOLD, and am moving on to black.
they are selling briskly.

i have added 3 black accented hangers.
every room needs a little touch of black.

Monday, October 24, 2011

a easy peasy holiday inspiration board

i am always rummaging in people's closets.

looking for vintage hangers.

and my very favorite ones to find are these 1950's and 1960's
folding skirt hangers.

the search is VERY hit or miss.  i hadn't found any since july.

 then this past weekend i found lots and lot of them.

this one with the green accents is my favorite.
this is a color i have never seen.
so nice for all year round.

(other accent colors available, email me)

 in these photos you will see some other vintage holiday items i will be listing soon.
if you see anything you are interested in, you can email me
or check my etsy photos on the sidebar or bottom of this blog
to see if they are already listed.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


here are some more vintage holly berries
from yesterday's estate sale.

the berries i listed yesterday sold
to one of my blog readers
so i am adding the last 6 bunches i have.

lush and juicy.
perfect christmas red.
hard to find in vintage unused condition.

available at anythinggoeshere.etsy.

Friday, October 21, 2011

berries, berries, who's got the berries.

this morning's estate sale was all about
vintage christmas.

i can hear you moaning out there now,
but lots of my etsy customers make things
so they are looking for christmas supplies now!

so i went shopping this morning with them in mind.
here's a little sample.

1940's vintage holly berries
in just that perfect
holiday red.


unused, vintage stock.  plump, lush, great condition and
available at anythinggoeshere.etsy.
these are sold, but i have added some different ones this morning.

and for me, i have to get my creatively off mute
because i have my first custom order of the
holiday season.

cracking out the glitter!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

thru rain, thru sleet, thru snow....

nothing will keep me from my appointed rounds
of sales.

went to a local barn sale this morning.
it wasn't quite as bad as my title indicates, 
but the weather was pretty miserable.

number sets SOLD

got some nice wire baskets, glass doorknobs, blue bottles, AND
several sets of vintage number tacks.

the number tacks are already available

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

calipers and dividers. oh, yes!!!

i love old tools.
and old calipers and dividers
are some of my favorites.

they were used by
 carpenters, furniture makers, architects
and many other craftsmen.

they come in a never ending variety
and look great as a wall or table display.

graphically interesting
and beautifully made.

this instant collection is 
available at anythinggoeshere.etsy

another turtle flower frog makes a run for it.


my last turtle flower frog says, 
"i'm so lonely, i want out of here too."

and is available at

Monday, October 17, 2011

you have HOW many little envelopes??????

1500.  yes, 1500!

i went to an estate sale friday where the owners 
collected a little bit of everything, but
they especially liked paper.

books, stationery, envelopes and just plain paper.

and i fell in love with these cute little envelopes.

did i count them?

i didn't have to.
they came in three nice vintage boxes of 500 envelopes each.

just in time for the holiday.
they will be perfect for holding your 
handmade gift enclosure cards.

available in sets of 50~
finished with little extra bits
from my personal collection of stuff.

available at anythinggoeshere.etsy.

and for all my readers who say whatever i am posting
about is SOLD by the time they read my blog,
there are lots of these.

they won't be sold out right away.
i don't think.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

and the trophy is for......... what?

i bought this little trophy awhile ago at a local estate sale,
but i never did read
what's engraved on it until today.

and it was amusing to find out that this trophy
was presented by g. wadsworth

the best collection
of columbian wyandottes.

what are columbian wyandottes?

they are a breed of chicken
named after the 1893 columbian exhibition
held in chicago,

well, what do you know???!!!!

and if you had the "best collection" of them
you would certainly deserve a trophy for it.

yikes! another thing to collect.

but, for now
the trophy is available

..... and the trophy has left the building.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

and the turtle makes a run for it.

yesterday i listed another flower frog from my
personal collection.

people ask me how do i decide to sell something
from my personal collection.

and, you know, there isn't a lot of deciding.

i just walk around the house, look at my collections,
and some of them just say, "it's time to go."

and it is, and they do.

here is the little sweetie of a "turtle" flower frog
in an article about my collection
in a 2001 issue of Romantic Homes Magazine.

if he needs to live at your house, he is available at

and he has made his escape.
he is SOLD.

but, i have just listed that green ceramic 
turtle flower frog.
he wants out of here too.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

i'm a little blue...

a little blue lunch box, that is.

found at a fun packed estate sale a couple of weeks ago.

and just listed at anythinggoeshere.etsy.

i am in the middle of a marathon listing day.

skulls and "carry-on luggage"

all fall i have been hunting for the perfect vintage skull
to use in my etsy halloween photos
and sunday morning at the flea i finally found it.

creepy, crumbly and life size.

edited~  well, that was fast.... 
but that baja case is also listed, but
also now, SOLD

and today i am adding some "carry-on luggage"
to my etsy shop.

the 1940's movie reel mailer is
available at anythinggoeshere.etsy.

p.s.  just had my 1850th etsy sale.
oh, my!

Friday, October 7, 2011

easy peasy halloween decorating... a dash of black and orange

EVERYTHING black and orange looks
SPOOKY and SCARY this time of year.

black porcelain doorknob photo holder
available at anythinggoeshere.etsy.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

ring my bell.. a halloween trick or treat


here is a fun little addition to your 
halloween decorating.

let your trick or treaters
ring your bell.

available at anythinggoeshere.etsy.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

easy peasy halloween decorating.... to catch a rat.

of all the halloween vignettes i did for a recent show

my rats in vintage trouble light cages

attracted the most attention and were a best seller.

this one is available at 

captured rat included.