Thursday, October 31, 2013

easy peasy. diy halloween mason jars.

i called them mason jars in my title,
but they will always be ball jars to me.
after all, i graduated from ball state university
in muncie, indiana.

home of ball brothers glass canning jar company.

i had some cute little shorties.
added book page shred made in my shredder.
and dollar tree plastic skulls.

cut out some circles made from leftover "halloween" paper.
topped them with dollar tree bugs and tied on a rubber stamped bug tag.

fun and easy and free.
i already had everything i needed to make these scary jars
to decorate my potting shed for the holiday.

my esty shop~

points of interest. highland park, illinois downtown halloween display.

only some of the halloween displays in highland park, illinois'

worth the trip if you are close by.

love the colors and all the great artistic displays
with live plants and lots of creativity.
a visual treat.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

points of interest. the highwood, illlinois pumpkin festival.

This is the sunday morning aftermath of the Highwood, Illinois Great Pumpkin Festival.

You can see how the pumpkins look when they are all lighted at night here on the festival's website.
Be sure to watch the video on their website and see the festival in action.

I think that on Sunday morning people could come by and take home free carved pumpkins.  i saw several families picked out their favorites.

Here is a happy couple with their selection.

The pumpkins were lined up as far as the eye could see and even around down blocks and out of sight.  

Next year i am going to get photos of all the pumpkins lighted at night.  I am sure it was an amazing site.  This is an event that would be much better shown as a video so you could see the scope and volume of pumpkins.

And photos of the number of people attending this fun event.  I couldn't get close to the festival on Saturday to get any pictures.  I will have a better plan next year.

Hope you enjoyed a look at this fun event.  If you are local and especially if you have kids plan on going next year.  Every year it gets bigger and bigger.  

Have you seen any good pumpkins lately?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

serendipity. a redecorating sale.

remember my "keeper" cabinet
from a couple of days ago.

i said i would show you pictures
from the redecorating sale
where i found it.

a lot of serendipity is involved in shopping for neat old stuff.

and this is certainly a case of that.
my husband and i were coming back home from a "not good"
estate sale and saw an "antiques sale" sign.

and this is what we found. 

i found something to sell in my etsy shop in that lovely pile
of fabric.

of course, i noticed the owner collected stone fruit.

and all of that lovely metal caught my eye in the

the owner has wonderful taste and she is redecorating
in a slightly different style.

it was fun and interesting visiting with her
and i love my purchases.

if we had driven a different way home,
we would never have seen her sign.

linked to

if you live near highland park, illinois
the owner is adding new things and will be open
saturday, october 26.
email me and i will give you the location
and hours of the sale.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

pictures of keys.


I had other plans for today,
but the sun is shining brightly in Chicagoland.

instead it will be day of taking photos
that i recently discovered in my stash of stuff.

the photo above was a 'just for fun'
shot of one of the sets i am listing today.

see all my new key listings
here at

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

a keeper. vintage find of the weekend.

i don't buy much to keep anymore......
you know, the problem with where to put
"one more thing".

but i couldn't resist this primitive cabinet
with its touches of mint green paint.

psst..  the old tops are going to be for sale.

i found them at this estate sale.

email me if you are interested.
i am going to sell them as a collection.

i found a temporary home for it
and filled it with my collection
of old bird carvings.

i took about 10 minutes flat to have
it loaded with stuff.

a funny, tiny penguin carving
next to painted wooden yo yos i found

i think all the colors are perfect together.

tomorrow photos from the redecorating sale
where i found this sweet little cabinet.

meanwhile please visit my shop,

did you find a treasure this weekend?

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Monday, October 21, 2013

vintage skeleton key wreath. diy tutorial.

i decided i had to do a skeleton key wreath
for halloween
when i discovered all these keys in my stash of stuff.

one of my requirements for any project is that i use
stuff i already have, if possible.

so i had a straw wreath,
a roll of "tree wrap".
 some "autumn" flower branches, 
a roll of wired "twig" stuff,
 dollar tree halloween decorations left over from my last show,
and some old skeleton keys.

the tools you'll need are a pair of scissors
 and wire cutters (if you use wire).

the cost of this wreath was zero.

but the dollar tree,
 your junk stash,
 and your yard could yield everything you need.

you could use real twigs and leaves
buy a dollar tree wreath, decorations and crepe paper.

or you could use burlap ribbon or even
brown wrapping paper cut into strips to wrap your wreath.

raid the junk drawer for some keys.

and use twine or string to hold things in place instead of wired twig.
or just use your glue gun.

here is my wreath wrapped with tree wrap.
tree wrap is available at your local garden center.

it is a lovely brown color and a nice weight and texture.

it is like heavy crepe paper.

for attaching everything
 raffia, twine, string, or just regular wire would
if you don't have wired "twig" stuff hanging around
at your house.

i cut the autumn flowers into workable lengths.

for my wreath, nothing is glued on.
it is all just wired or tucked into place.

i think i might want to use the wrapped wreath again
so i didn't want to use hot glue.

these little skeletons that come in sets of 6 or 8
are my all time favorite dollar tree items.

dollar tree is my favorite of all the 
dollar stores.

the mouse and bat and other scary critters also come
in group packages all for a dollar at the dollar tree.

i used about 5 skeleton keys tucked round the wreath,
but you could use any kind of key on
your wreath.

need keys?

no problem.

and i have keys,  lots and lots of keys of
all kinds

i am going to be doing more diy tutorials
and i need your help.

frankly i am out of practice.

do you have any suggestions to improve this one?

what did you like about it?

what didn't you like about it?

what would you like me to do differently?

too long?  too short?
not enough details?  too many?

how were the pictures?

or you can make suggestions of other tutorials you would
like me to do.

thank you so much for your help and suggestions.
i really appreciate it.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

autumn estate sale in northeastern illinois.

i really wanted to go to a good old-fashioned estate sale
in the country this weekend.  

so i was thrilled to find what sounded like the perfect sale
starting friday morning north of me almost on
the wisconsin border.

this fun pumpkin display was across the street from the sale.
you left your donation(s) in a box
and took your pumpkin(s).

it indeed was a fun old timey sale.

one of the sisters running the sale said 
that her mom "had been a bit of a hoarder".
that was an understatement.
and she liked a nice variety of things
which always makes me happy.

a true country sale must have hay wagons full of stuff.

see them in the background.

the back one was loaded with windows and doors.
the one in front of it had horse tack, boat stuff, 
and sports gear.

look at these yummy apples.

the weather was cool and crisp.  the buyers and sisters
were all having fun, and money was changing hands.

i gave them some of mine and took home some

my purchases will be in my shop soon.

what are you doing this weekend?