Monday, June 22, 2015

still under construction, but closer

For right now this is all I am going to do
with this space.

I am going to "try it out" for awhile
and see how it works.

I have displayed things on the back of the
shelves to make the space interesting,
but all the shelves are empty
so we have places to put things down
before going inside.

I added some hooks next to the door
and hung up my trusty hammer.

So I declare this new space OPEN 
for business.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

things that over perform.

We all have things in our life that under perform,
but I am posting today about two things in my life
that are way over performing this year.

First, these vines on the side of my house
which with all the rain
are certainly over performing.

I have been trimming them weekly so
their over performance 
doesn't engulf my whole house.

And those King Ferns back by the potting shed.

They are almost 4 feet tall.

But not engulfing anything~
just hiding baby bunnies.

What is over performing at your house?

Monday, June 15, 2015

under construction....

Yesterday I shared a rare empty space.  This is right by our garage door....
that's it to the left painted green.

We have a tiny, tiny, tiny hallway inside that door
and have always needed someplace to "put stuff"
when we come home from shopping.

That third shelf down is where the grocery bags will go
when we unload the car.

As DIY projects go this one is easy peasy.

I had the pre-primed boards cut to size,
bought standards, and shelf brackets.

We screwed the standards right into that wood wall and used the 
holes under the brackets to attach them to the shelves.

We do not want the shelves toppling off the wall
when they are loaded with grocery bags.

We used L brackets to attach those shutters
on the end to the shelves so it is
sturdy also.

A fun fact.  That vintage box is the inspiration for my
blog and etsy shop name.

Of course, I have do do some decorating on the shelves.

So far I have painted them "White Dove"
and starting trying out some things
to see how they look.

Stop back tomorrow for more progress.

This little corner is still "under construction."

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

watch this space....

Believe it when I say it was not easy to clean out that
space to the right of the garage door.

It was loaded with stuff, yes, a very interesting display,
BUT we need a space that can
hold some of the necessities of life
INSTEAD of "another display".

The white wood was there, the door was there,
but there was a blank space in the middle.

But I had those 2 short shutters stored in the garage
and they JUST fit in the open space.

This is another project in our continuing efforts
to make our home more functional
and less a house full of

Watch this space as it evolves.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

old header to shelf. the room is done.

The master bedroom is done.

I painted it Guilford Green to match the master bathroom,
but I had them lighten the formula by 25%.

I had one last old header in the garage,
so I added a shelf to the top
and painted it Benjamin Moore White Dove
to match the rest of the trim.

And on the bed is my new summer weight
comforter from

After reading the reviews I bought one size
larger than the bed.  And it is the perfect size.

We had one of the bedside lamps, and I found another
online at

We wanted lights that looked modern.
These are inexpensive and just what I wanted.

I have had the bed pillows for years.
I had them custom made for a settee years ago
and they have been tucked away in a closet.

The headboard is from Pier 1.
We found it last summer on sale.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

for sale~ 2 vintage columns

These 2 vintage architectural columns are for sale.

They are flat on the backside.

Local pickup only to
Chicagoland buyers.

Use the email (on my sidebar) or leave a message in the comments
with questions and your contact information,
if you would like more information.

I bought these for a project years and years ago.

We finished the project without using the columns
so its time for them to find a new home.