Sunday, November 27, 2016

Birdhouse brought back from ruin.

Total restoration.  Finished.

All the holes and rotted wood fixed
and repainted!

Our birdhouse has been outside for 15 years.

It had many holes and lots of rotted wood 
from those years outside.

The top section totally fell apart.

Here is the birdhouse as a work in progress.

I had already used a product to harden the rotted wood
and two part epoxy to fill the holes.

From far away the birdhouse looked fine,
but up close I could tell we needed to do something
quick to keep it from falling apart.

I used two products that were in a kit called
Rot Fix.

The next step after filling the holes was sanding the birdhouse.

After sanding I used a new paint called "Beyond Paint" 
that adheres to everything and can be used
indoors and out.

Here is a fun fact.  The new round top section is
a vintage base for a glass dome
turned upside down.

Just like those bases shown under the glass domes
in this photo.

Now our birdhouse is back outside.

Ready for many more years of use!

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Monday, October 31, 2016

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Crash went the glass.

Earlier this month the glass top of our 20+ year old patio table
shattered in a wind storm.  (See last photo in this post.)

So after waiting for 2 weeks for a new table to arrive from Amazon~
it didn't,
We ordered one from Wayfair.

Two days and free shipping and it was here.

My husband has never liked having a glass topped table
so we took the opportunity to buy a different kind.

We also wanted something slightly smaller than our old table.

This one is 42 inches in diameter.

Earlier this summer I had repainted our patio set with
Rustoleum 2X paint in 'Oregano".

I bought extra paint at the time so I had the paint to
make our new black table match our
old chairs and umbrella stand.

Now we can enjoy the last warm days
of autumn on the patio.

I think the paint made everything match

What do you think?

Bye, old table.  You did your job faithfully for
over 20 years.

We put the frame on the curb.
and it is getting a new life somewhere.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Spooky. Ready for Halloween.

The skeleton is my ONLY vintage Halloween decoration left.
I have sold everything else from my
vintage Halloween collection.

I bought the black bat decals from a shop
on Etsy.

This is the first time I've made 
a pumpkin stack.  I like how it looks,
but next time I will get top pumpkins that
don't match the brick.

Oops.  You can see I forgot to straighten the rug.
Things you don't notice in person
always show up in photographs.

Are you ready for the Halloween?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Back to normal~ A small mudroom-like space.

Things are getting back to normal
after my garage sale a couple of weeks ago.

We added these shelves last summer to create a place to put down 
groceries and items as they are unloaded 
from the car.

The hooks on the left side are for
coats and jackets.

Scarves and hats go on the
vintage dressform.

Underneath we put shoes and boots.

We live in a small house, and there isn't anywhere inside to
add a mudroom.  This is our 

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Friday, October 7, 2016

Recap of Antiques and Vintage Sale 2016



How the garage looked
moments before the door opened.

Now it is history.  It was fun and
many things have gone to new homes.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Antiques and Vintage Sale at my Home.

Sneak peek of some of the many things that will be
for sale at my 
Antiques and Vintage Sale
in Lake Forest, Illinois.

The dates and times are~
Friday September 30 
Saturday October 1
9 am to 2 pm.

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Why I love coleus.

This planter is in a hard spot to keep plants 
looking great all summer.  It is under the overhang,
on the north side of the house, with very
low sun most of the day.

A couple of years ago I realized I could plant 
a few coleus in this planter
and they would perform consistently
every year.

Easy peasy gardening.

Hope this helps if you have a similar location.

Friday, September 9, 2016

I did it! Boston Fern.

I did it.
I did it.
I did it.

Every year I am tempted by the bargain priced
Boston Ferns Home Depot has every spring.

I've always decided "Nah, I could never keep it 
nice all summer long."

This spring I decided to "go for it".

And here we are in September and the fern looks great.

Would I do it again?  I am not sure.

I had to water the fern every day all summer long.
Probably more work than a 70 year old gardener wants
to take on for another year.

But for one summer~ I did it!!

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Asphalt Restorations Driveway Repair.

This is the completed project.  Sealcoated and restored driveway.

The texture of the new and old sections are different.  They will always be different.

But for the price and ease of repair this process can't be beat.

Total replacement of driveway was 6 times the cost.

Replacement of this section was more than 2 times the cost.

This is what we started with.  Our driveway has already been replaced once.
The rest of the driveway is in good condition.
The problem was right in front of the garage door where there was a drop 
of 2 inches and major cracking.

This is the most common driveway issue.

Aphalt Restoration guys come in with a machine that heats sections
of the existing driveway, then they add asphalt as needed,
and spread the new and reused asphalt.

They make a neat seam between the new and old 
aphalt.  We had a 6 ft section of our double wide driveway restored.


This is a much better looking seam than you get if the repair guys cut out and 
replace your asphalt.

And the process takes about an hour for a patch our size.

Not days.

The final step is to have the driveway sealcoated by a sealcoating company.

You have to wait about a month for the patch to cure before sealcoating.
You can drive on the patch in 24 hours.

See how the asphalt is now the same level as our cement apron.

Here is the "after" picture again.  This is after sealcoating.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Cleaning a patio umbrella with Wet and Go.

We had power-washed our patio and repainted our patio furniture,
but our yellow umbrella was looking very dirty
with mold and mildew stains.

See the before picture below.

So we sprayed it with a product called Wet and Go.  Time and weather
was supposed to do the rest.

As you can see, it did.  Look again at the first photo.

This is month after spraying with Wet and Go and 

The fade marks are still there, but it looks so much better
without the black and green mold and mildew.

I was not paid for my post.  I bought the product at my local
hardware store and just want to pass the results along.

A new umbrella cover would have been almost $200 so trying this simple cleaning method
was a real money saver.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A pop of color.

I have simple "easy to take care for" landscaping.  Most of it in shades of green 
and white.

I love how easy it is to take care for, but this year I decided it needed a
Pop Of Color.

All of our outdoor furniture has been spray painted the same color.

Satin oregano by Rustoleum.

We already had the yellow umbrella so I added aqua chair cushions
from Amazon for $7.50 each.

And painted an old plastic pot and broken vase the same shade of aqua.

We are only a couple blocks from the beach and I think
the aqua adds a nice beachy feel.

I used gloss Rustoleum.  Easy peasy.

Above you can see how nice the rusty bench below looks
with a new coat of paint.

Instead of a more expensive bench cushion, I used two chair cushions.

We have had this bench for over 20 years.

Over the years it took on a nice rusty look.
but it wasn't practical for sitting.

I washed the bench, scraped the loose rust with a wire brush,
sanded the surface rust and then spray painted it

I bought this inexpensive metal potting table from Amazon.

It was gunmetal gray.  I painted it oregano and added
the repainted plastic pot (with late-season discounted flowers) and broken vase.

What do you think?

Just enough Pop of Color to keep things 
from being boring?

Monday, August 22, 2016

Done! Fix a rotted window sill.

Repaired potting shed window sill!

Here is a reminder of where I started.

A photo of the hole I found after I cleaned
all the rot away.


First I had to add a "floor" so I had something to support the new sill.

Before I put the "floor" in I treated the surrounding wood with
a fungicide and an insect treatment.  The next day I added a 
wood hardener to the old wood.

I used a scrap piece of wood I had in the basement for the floor.

I pounded it into place so I had a tight fit.

My local fence contractor puts out scraps of wood in a bin in front of their shop.
I cut the sill from a scrap of cedar I found in the bin.

Around the sill I added 2 part epoxy to fill in the smaller spaces.

Each of the steps takes a day because each product needs to dry.

The last step was to paint the sill with "Beyond Paint," which is a wonderful 
indoor and outdoor paint that is both a primer and finish coat.

And it sticks to anything.

Done.  Now onto the next late summer project.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Step 1 Window sill repair.

Step 1.

I cut a piece of scrap wood to be the "base" of the new window sill.

It was a tight fit so I nudged the wood into place with a rubber hammer.

Over the next two days I will be applying a insect/rot repellent and
a wood harder to stabilize the wood around and below the fix.

These 2 steps prevent any future rot around the repair.

I'll be back in a couple of days to
show you the progress.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The latest hole. Oh, joy.

I was getting a head start on some Autumn painting.

I opened the potting shed window to better paint the window sill
and much to my surprise look what I found instead.

It was a nice smaller hole that grew in size to about double
when I cleaned out all the rotten wood.

The hole is about 2 inches wide by 9 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2 inches deep.

Follow along over the next couple of days as I invent a way to fix this "surprise" hole
using my own spin on home repair.