Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Seamstress Sisters Estate Sale

Last weekend I went to the first GREAT Estate Sale this year. It was in the home of two Seamstress Sisters who moved in together later in their lives.

They did ALOT of sewing over their two lifetimes. I could tell by the quantity of everything sewing related.

There were so many interesting things see. I think I started hyperventilating, and I didn't know where to look first.

Here is one of the things I bought.

A basket full of rolls and rolls of partly used seam binding. I bought it all.

I often use seam binding for my products and in my displays. I was able to buy colors that aren't even available anymore.

On the way to the car there was a discarded bundle of yard clippings so I picked it up. I hoped the buds would open and flower.

Well, they opened, but it looks like they will only be green~ no flowers, but they look springy anyway.

Have you been to any great sales this spring? The sales are just getting going here. The one that looked the most interesting for next weekend was just cancelled. BOO!

Come visit the wonderful and inspiring posts of my Vintage Easter Blog Hop. Several of the participants posted about Vintage Easter things I have never seen.


  1. The seam binding is wonderful.. Sales have started to get in full swing here too. Sunny days are bringing better spirits to people after a long hard winter and then storms and tornadoes. It is great to get out and just enjoy the sun, flowers and birds singing.. Have fun with all your creations and all the seam binding colors...

  2. I would have been hyperventilating too! That is an awesome box of seam binding. You will definitely get your use out of it.

  3. I would have most definitely bought that if I had been there! Great find.

  4. That was an awesome find! I love all the colors!

  5. I always buy the little old packages of seam binding that I see, so that bounty would have made me giddy! There are so many uses for that stuff, AND they look great just sitting in a basket.
    I hit two estate sales last weekend. Both duds, no old stuff. I'm hoping after Easter there will be lots of sales, full of vintage stuff, with everything under $1! In my dreams, right?!
    P.S. Thanks again for hosting the Easter blog hop! I saw lots of really wonderful things, and found some new blogs too!

  6. Excuse me as I wipe the drool from my chin and key board. Oh my goodness to have some of those wonderful colors...love the gray!! What an awesome find!!

    Have a beautiful week!

  7. Excuse me as I wipe the drool from my chin and key board. Oh my goodness to have some of those wonderful colors...love the gray!! What an awesome find!!

    Have a beautiful week!

  8. Nice find on the seam binding. I have not been to any sales this Spring - Yet! :) I need to keep cleaning out - Not buy more.

  9. That was a Treasure Hunters Dream Come True ~ I am still waiting to see that First Sale Sign, probably this coming month, I can Hardly wait.....
    btw, I had beautiful flowering bushes in my old yard ~ I use to gather the clippings if I saw them & planted the flowering stems ~ MOST times they rooted & I had a bush starting at the size the clippings were ~ it was amazing & Cheap!
    Have a Wonderful Week

  10. What an amazing sale! Lucky you!! I NEVER see things like this since I moved from Ohio to Texas! And that's been almost 20 years. It just isn't in the city or I just can't find great estate sales or even yard sales! Wow! Suzie

  11. Ok you so scored, how cool to go to something ike that especially when you are a sewer.. Love Your Blog, love the ribbons the ideas, and all of the inspiration You are Giving..
    LOVE IT.. I am a follower now.

  12. Seam tape ribbon - the colors are gorgeous. Sales? Oh no. I'm taking stuff OUT:) before any more comes in. There will be some good ones around DC for sure.


  13. Love the bundle of binding, awesome colors! I get such a rush when I find good stuff like that don't you? I was able to find 2 vintage suitcases at a garage sale last weekend for $8 and found a beautiful embroidered tablecloth, runner and napkins at Goodwill for only $2.99 that I'll be using for Easter.I can't wait for more garage and estate sale to pop up. Thanks again for the fun Vintage Easter Hop, I really enjoyed seeing everyones treasures! Donna...the 3rd sister

  14. Oh, I missed your Vintage Easter Blog Hop. No, haven't found any good sales yet. But you got some great old sewing binding. I always look for sewing paraphernalia for my collection.

  15. Hi Joan,
    First thought is that it reminded me of witch hazel but that's not right..not yellow enough. Then I came up with fothergilla....but the buds are too smooth!
    OK I'm stumped!
    shrubs are not really my "thing"

    btw I love the seambinding


  16. Jackpot! And waste not want not on those clippings. Love the vibrant green!


  17. What an amazing find! You lucky girl :) Besos, Rose

  18. What a great find. The buds look pretty too.

  19. That was quite a score! Good thing we don't live in the same area and hunt the same sales...we'd of been scrambling for this box of treasure for sure! Happy Hunting my friend!


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