Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It Was Antiquing Heaven

The weather was beautiful. I was driving down a rural Wisconsin road and turned into a winding tree-lined lane. Then there was an opening in the trees. I see ANTIQUES everywhere. HEAVEN!

The Estate Sale of antiques dealer!

This is part of what I saw~ and it was already the second or third day of the sale. Business was brisk so I can't imagine how much there was when the sale started.

A lineup of baskets and chairs.

Old books~ about a quarter of what was there.

Wooden boxes~ the two stacks were from a Chicago Company.

Frames and pictures piled everywhere.

The baby buggy parking lot~ seven buggies had already sold.

Small antiques of many different kinds.

I like to buy in volume.

I bought hundreds of mini-sized Vintage Sheet Music . I have added some to my online shop, The Anything Goes Here Marketplace.

Can you guess which other three categories I purchased in volume?


  1. Definitely my kinda fun!!
    I bet you found lots of goodies to bring home :)

  2. I'm wishing I had been down that same road. Looks like you had a ball. How did you limit yourself to only 3 collections?! - Kathy

  3. Ohh Joan you lucky ducky...
    Oh my what goodies I see. I am guessing frames, book and baskets. Now I would have been in the frames and those boxes were just so devine. I love boxes.

    Sheet music, I will have to go and see what you have added to your shop. This definitely would have been a great stop to shop. Thank you for sharing this morning. I can't wait to see what you bought.

    Have a great day sweetie. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  4. Very cool thank you for sharing!

  5. Holy Mackerel!
    My heart is pounding just looking at the pictures!
    Wish I was with you!

  6. I'm guessing the boxes, baskets and frames! Did you have to also buy one of those buggies to transport it all?!

  7. Can't imagine what it looked like on day one!? What a fun sale to be at and buy, buy, buy!! Lucky you...

  8. Oh my gosh, did you pee your pants?
    I would have
    Major score!!!

  9. You just HAPPENED UPON that sale?! Looks like you must've done something pretty wonderful to make the antiquing gods happy! I would've been pinching myself to make sure I hadn't died and gone to antique heaven, ha ha.

  10. What a great blog. I enjoyed all the "eye candy" photos of vintage stuff.


  11. Hi Joan
    What a stroke of luck! How fun was that???
    Hope you are enjoying your summer...

  12. Heaven, yes! I would have gone a@$ wild :)

  13. Would love to have been at that sale.
    Hope your are having a great week.

  14. OM Gosh!! That is heaven! You must have had soo much fun!!

  15. Looks so organized even....hope you had fun

  16. I would've gone nuts buying up those old wooden boxes!!!

  17. Oh my! like they say, LIFE IS GOOD!
    and can it get any better than this? Wonder if there were paper goods...like Valentines???

  18. Wow to the Wow! Those boxes are awesome. Happy VTT. ♦olive

  19. I do believe you found the right place. I never saw so much stuff. I would probably been there all day digging around. Great finds.

  20. I think I would have needed a truck to leave here...what amazing finds for sure! The wooden boxes are great! Have a wonderful VTT!

  21. Wasn't that Deco baby buggy the best? I was there late on day 1 and so wanted to go back another day when they were ready to deal on the sheet music...glad someone I know got it, at least!!


  22. oh dear! I spy so many fave things! the baskets.. the crates.. and frames.. the ideas of creating something from those things are endless!

  23. Whoa! One of those buggies would have went home with me. What a glorious collection of books too.

  24. Oh my gosh....I have never ran into anything like that! What a sale!!!
    I want it all!

  25. What a sale!!! Isn't it nice to find a "motherlode" of an estate sale? They happen . . . .occasionally!

  26. Wow! I would have a ball there for sure. What else did you buy in bulk? Lots of frames and wooden boxes or maybe books?...Christine

  27. Oh! Oh! Oh! my heart skipped a beat just looking at the photos! If I had driven up to the sale with you, I might have had a heart attack! Did you stay there all day? I know it would have taken me hours to look at everything. If it was the 2nd or 3rd day of the sale, I bet you found some great bargains. This is a great Favorite Things post! Thank you for linking up. laurie

  28. Those pictures took my breath away. You lucky, how wonderful!

    Happy VTT,

  29. I would have been all over those frames in a heartbeat! And the music sheets,.. definitely the music sheets. Fabulous post ~
    my favorites too!

  30. O.M.G. Can we say, "Heaven?" That just makes me drool...I am so jealous; though if I was there I probably would have swooned or died from the rush. Makes one wonder what was there the FIRST day.
    That's what makes me follow signs down little roads.

  31. i think you just gave me a heart attack.
    i go to estate sales VERY often and have been blessed as you have many times.
    it's almost killed me.

    i'm now a follower of your blog because i need to keep up with you and your doings!

  32. Oh dear goodness, im so so jealous, what a sale to go to... Would LOVE to find one of those..That is Heaven.
    now Ill have to visit your market place.

  33. Wowzer! You hit the Mother lode of sales. I can't imagine how it looked at opening! Looks like lots of fabulous finds.

    I'm enjoying perusing your blog!



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