Friday, January 15, 2010

Turning over a new leaf

No, this isn't stuff I haven't put away from the holidays...

These are little felted ornaments that I just made for NEXT Christmas.

Before Christmas I was talking to one of my flea market vendor friends and she told me how she has

most everything done for Christmas by APRIL.. then she has all summer to play...

going to the garage and estate sales, attending the flea markets...

and when the holiday season starts

she is relaxed and ready to go.

That made sooooo much sense to me...

I have NEVER been that organized

But the idea of it was so appealing that I started January 1st getting ready for next Christmas...

I'll let you know how it is going during the year...

If I really keep going.... getting ready ahead of time...

Seems so smart, but so foreign to me.

What about you? Are you experimenting with doing something differently this year? How is it going?


  1. I'm always so jealous of people who can actually do things like start getting ready for Christmas 12 months ahead of time. I still owe half my family presents from LAST Christmas!

  2. Cute ornaments! I kept out my Christmas cards that I received this past Christmas to make tags for next year. I haven't started yet... but i have big plans! Have a blessed day:)

  3. Love the felt ornaments. I can't even get organized for school the next day much less a holiday 11 months from now. Amazing! It's a concept I would like to try and make my own but I always seem to get waylaid some how. Good luck keeping up throughout the year. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. It does sound like a wonderful idea and what you've created so far looks great. I always do one local craft show with my mom in October. I do start creating for that pretty early in the year to avoid the last minute stress.

  5. good luck hope you can get them done! cute ornaments! i rarely do anything early...

  6. I have done that in the past when I was living overseas. It was easy to do then. Not so much anymore. I just don't sweat it liek I used to. Part of the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Sea Witch

  7. I am so ready to reverse the trend of last minute shopping and making ready for Christmas. For me I'm usually so broke and overwhelmed from the holidays that just thinking about it after the fact makes me crazy. However this year we had a very small Christmas and so I have been able to purchase some ornaments and such on the cheap (like 70% off) that would include buying clearance itmes for presents as well. I've determined no more last minute buying. All year I plan to buy and hide the gifts until the big day so I can enjoy the holidays as well as save my pennies. This will give me more time for some of those home-made gifts I enjoy putting together as well.

  8. The felt wreaths are precious. We started years ago only gifting the little kids. For us that is easy because at our age there just aren't many "little" kids. We celebrate with our family and friends which is what it is all about. The stress went right out of the holidays but we kept all the joy.

  9. What a smart way to start out the year. These are incredibly cute.How did you make them?

  10. A woman after my own heart:) Love the ornies!


  11. I still have Christmas out and am kinda of putsing. It is a good time to play with ideas I want to develope without pressure to produce. Plus I have half done projects I didn't have time to finish. The down side is I should be doing Valentines.

  12. Hi, I don't think you are alone. I always try to finish up something I'm working on at Christmas for the following Christmas....something I know I will look forward to next year! I'm finishing up a cross stitch project right now to pack away for next Christmas!
    Love your project too.

  13. You are working fast! In years past I have always been so organized, shopping done early, etc. This year - not so much.

  14. My mom does this. She goes out on Dec 26th and starts buying Christmas gifts for the next year!

  15. You know, I've never done much, either. I might do some more, like you. Today, I was out & picked up some clearance items in small shops near me. I thought, "why the heck not? I would've bought them this year if I'd seen them."

    Also just folded the clean holiday tablecloth around favorite (Gourmet, MStewart, etc.) magazines for the season saved for some years & a few new ones. I won't be tempted to toss them during the year (I live in an apt.--it gets crowded). Now I know where they are. When I forget (I will) & reach for the tablecloth in mid-November, they'll cascade onto my head. But it will be worth it.


  16. The ornaments are darling! I might have to hate you if you are ready for Christmas by April! I did think this year it might be a good idea to buy a gift or 2 a month to make December less expensive!


  17. Way to go, getting ready ahead of time, this is organized!!

  18. My personal goal is to start Christmas crafting at Halloween. I have so many other things to do for spring and summer!
    Love those treasures you are making.

  19. Hi, Joan -- on the one hand having everything done by early spring sounds wonderful. On the other hand, maybe it is a cry for therapy, lol! Usually when I have everything done ahead of time I change my mind and end up doing TWICE the work.
    This year I am striving to write and PRINT out a copy of all my ideas (thosed saved on a fried computer are no better (maybe worse) than those you completely forgot. Print out -- file together -- identify needed supplies -- shop at leisure during estate sales (and frantically come November!) I think I could use a little of your motivation, K?
    Betty :)

  20. Hi Joan,

    This is a great concept. It makes sense to work on these projects during the cold months, and to be outside enjoying the nice weather in spring and summer. I got together with a friend yesterday, and we spend the day crafting snowmen, ane teacup pincushions. I agree too, about buying ornaments after Christmas when everything is on sale for the following year, and also for gifts. Glad is working out for you.


  21. Love your mercury birds...I say leave them out all year! These Silver Sunday posts are wonderful..thanks for sharing! ~LA

  22. Joan-

    Junk Bonanza is Sept 16-18th this year.

    I am also trying to get things ready in advance, but I am talking 3-4 weeks in advance. So, kudos to you for getting so far out there. It will be nice next fall to open the box and have them ready to sell, won't it?

    Take care-



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