Thursday, February 25, 2010

A few changes made.

I have made some changes to my blog over the last week... to make it easier to read....

I changed the background color from gray to white...back to light gray

Changed the type to a "Sans Serif" style font...

And stopped using italics to write my posts....

Fooled around with the link colors.

These changes are in response to my readers' comments to my post titled My Personal List of Blog "Pet Peeves"~ What are yours?

Do you like the changes? Is it easier for you to read? Anything else? Any other suggestions?

{These little guys have nothing to do with this post. They just wanted to say "Hello."}

I have been on a "Show Vacation" since mid-December and am spending all my extra time for the next couple of weeks getting ready for my first show this year at the Grayslake Antiques Market. The show details are on my sidebar.

I will be sharing some of my favorite posts from last spring with you over the next couple of weeks.

Spring is right around the corner. I can wish, can't I?


  1. I had LinkWithin and it has somehow disappeared from my blog.
    I feel like you did a little Spring cleaning and everything looks so fresh.
    Your Pal,

  2. Hi Joan,
    I love the new look! It is really easy to read especially with my eyesight! You probably could even do a really light gray if you wanted a little color, but I like the white, it's really fresh.
    Good luck with your first show, that sounds really exciting. I can't wait to hear how it turns out.
    Have a great time!
    P.S. {I miss your blog parties!!}

  3. Love the new look! Clean, classic and easy to read. I wish I knew what "LinkWithin" means. I'll have to do a little research. Hope all goes well with your shows this season.
    xoxoxox from Portland

  4. I like the new look, but as I said I didn't have problems with your old layout either! I have Link Within and have had no problems with it. Some people have clearly found and enjoyed old posts through it, so I think it works for me. I also sometimes use it on other blogs and enjoy what I find. Enjoy your very busy-sounding break!

  5. Can't help you out with the linky thing. Never used it.

    But, I am excited about the Grayslake thing. It happens to be on a weekend we wanted to find some local vintage hunting to do AND we were talking about VOLO, so this is just a short drive from there...

    Happy Thursday!

  6. I liked your gray/grey...its the new color. It was more cozy. Maybe it was bothering some because its so gray outside this time of year, I dont know.

  7. First of all....hello to those sweet little the questions you asked....I like the white looks fresh and clean...together with the font makes for easy reading, which I appreciate and need! I have linked within....have never had any problems and some people have read earlier posts based on it. Have a good blog soon!

  8. I am so glad you changed the font. The other way was hard to read, but your blog was worth doing it. The white is good but I think a very light gray would work, just a smidge cozier. I have been wanting to do link within but I don't know how to set it up. I do use it on other's blogs. So I will be watching yours and when you do it, will you explain how. Thank you. Good luck with your shows.

  9. I think your blog looks just as good now as it did prior to the changes. I like the LinkWithin for both my blog and on other blogs. Good luck with the show, have lots of fun and I hope it's a sell out for ya!!! Judi

  10. Joan... You are soo brave...I attempted to do something different, with my blog, and had everything in 'Hindi'... I have screwed something up, so now my post's won't set up, the way I write them, and my calender of events, double spaces.... GRRR!!! Oh well.... Your blog is great... anyway you have it... You are great...
    Barb C.

  11. I'm glad you asked about LinkWithin because it made me look it up to see what I was missing. :-D

    I like both blog styles but can see (no pun intended) where this one could be easier for some to read. I like a little color so I have color in my sidebars and leave my posting area white.

    I love the creative backgrounds with embellishments on the sides that are available, but never like them on my own site for some reason. By the time I add my "stuff" in my sidebars, the embellishments and print backgrounds look too busy to me. I guess it is like admiring someone else's modern or French provincial decor without wanting it for my own home.

    Good luck getting ready for your show and tweaking your blog. :)

  12. I recently made some changes to my blog too... cleaned it up as you have yours. So, of course I like the new layout!
    link within, very simple to add, and just as simple to delete. I love link within when I go to new blogs. It groups similar posts with the post you are reading. I have 3 links, I've seen some lately with 5 links.
    enjoy your time off from blogging! It IS a lot of work!


  13. Joan-
    I think your blog is a lot easier to read now. The old type style was difficult to read. White is nice for Spring- mostly cause this winter has gone on too long. But grey and white is nice too...

    I like Linked Within. I do not use it on my blog right now, but I do click through on other people's blogs and it is a way to get people to read more on your blog...posts they have missed, etc.

    Your blog and ideas are always great. Have fun getting ready for the show- I am on break from my house project to write my Master's thesis so i can relate.


  14. everything looks nice 'n clean!


  15. Your blog looks great. I think it is fun to play around with the look every once in a while. I'm clueless about link within.....

  16. I think linkwithin is the best thing I've added to my blog and have had no problems with it. Go for it and enjoy your time out...we all need it!

  17. I had gray when I first started. Then I learned how to do alot and got creative and made a custom background. Im thinking of changing it again to something a bit cleaner tho. I figure if folks come to my pages they want to be able to read my stuff easy. I know Ive gone to some sites so full of stuff, that Ive just left.

    Even if you have great eyesite the fact is that everyones is different. Even different monitors are different so the easier to read the better.

    I have Linkwithin. I saw it on another blog awhile back and tried it. I like it. And I like to see it on others blogs. After all we find each other but some have blogs going back awhile. If something catches my eye with the Linkwithin, I go check it out. And isnt that why we blog in the first place? So others can read about our lives and the things we like and do?

  18. one suggestion, the background white color is tooo white, a light grey would be great.

    I do not have linkwithin on my blog but I have used it on other peoples' blogs, I like it.

    Hope all is helpful

  19. Hi Joan, I noticed the change with your blog right away. But, I like it. I embrace change. That's the beauty of a blog because it can change like we do sometimes. It's also what you do with all your beautiful finds; change them a little. Again, I'm so new to this blog world and having so much fun meeting new talented people! I know what I like and your blog keeps me coming back change or no change! Happy Day!
    Donna.... the 3rd sister

  20. Joan, I love the white background! It's so easy to read. I have no idea what LinkWithin is. Feelin' kinda dumb right now, so I need to google that! I hope your first show of the year is a huge success!

  21. I, too, like your new font and white background, but I bet the font would look equally as good on the old background.

    I had link within and took it off-not because I didn't like it, but I found whatever my first picture was on my post was the picture on the link within. So if I posted a party meme as the first picture in my post, that's what showed up in my link. Some days I would have three Pink Saturday figurines at the bottom of my post for the 3 link withins. If I put this feature back on now, I think I would see greater variety since I've changed the way I do posts. Does this make any sense????

  22. I like the white background and being fairly new to 'blogland' I'm learning how to do the 'link to' thing... good
    luck with the new face to your blog... I'll take notes over the next few weeks...but then your on vacation... I'll be back!

  23. Your blog looks wonderful! I have the Link within on my blog..haven't had any problems with it! I like it on others blogs and that's why I added it to mine. It's an easy way to go to other posts and gives a little peek of what's to come! Have a great vacation!

    Miss Bloomers

  24. I started reading through the comments and gave up...such different opinions. I decided that you would want to know a gut reaction...which for me is that the all white hurts my eyes a bit and the new look, while it may be "cleaner" also lost a bit of the interest. Does that make sense? Of course, I liked your old look...and I'll adjust to this look too. I'm here for what you have to say, not how it looks!


  25. Love the change in your font choice, so much easier to read. Change is something we all embrace at times, and the beauty of change is if you don't like the change you made, you can always change it again! Sea witch

  26. Yes, the font is MUCH easier to read now. Love the background color, looks great!


  27. HI Joan,
    I love the light gray background! It looks nice.
    I just wanted to give you a heads up, I'm having my first blog giveaway that ends March 7th and wanted to give you a chance to win. Your so wonderful about placing people's blog sites on the side of your blog when you host blog parties. Thanks to you it increased my readers! Your truly wonderful!
    Stop by and enter.
    Take care.

  28. Looks great. I started using LinkWithin (on both blogs) a few days after they started & it's been excellent for me. I am reminded of posts & the layout looks good. I've never had a single problem. The only thing is once in awhile their server has to be maintained & that's why someone above said 'it disappeared.' They might need to refresh...but generally if you have the html code in place, it should be fine. I also like it on other blogs. But whatever you is your blog. Have a good break.


  29. Dear Joan, Hope you had a nice few days off. I just have to say I love the LinkWithin because my blog is on a single subject. The LinkWithin is easy for any follower to just click on a picture and see not only the post but any comment that has been posted on that specific item. It works just great. Give it a try as you can always turn it off!
    Welcome back.

  30. looks great Joan.
    I'd like to do the link thingy---we need a day computer day...
    I'll miss Grays :(
    Hope it's wonderful!

  31. I love the new look. it is crisp and easy to read.Good job Joan!


  32. personally, I like the way it looks. Enjoy your work. :)

  33. I'll have to look thru the pet peeves or maybe I shouldn''ll probably make my anxiety go rocket. Love the bears waving hi.

  34. Hi..followed you over from decor8 comment.
    I spent 8 weeks taking Holly's blogging on line course..highly recommend it !!
    Super fun blog and you have sooo many followers..Lucky you.
    Only thing I can suggest just a teeeny bit is move your "About me" to the top of your blog...
    Have a great fun filled weekend.


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