Monday, August 30, 2010

Why You Don't Need To Worry About "Reproduction" Marble Fruit

Why you don't need to worry about "reproduction" marble fruit is that there isn't such a thing!

Italian Marble Fruit has been in continuous production by members of the same family since the early 1900's...

So there is just new, less new, older, even older, and the oldest marble fruit.

Even the oldest marble fruit isn't older than 80 or 90 years old. Some American Country dealers believe that it is older, antique even, but that isn't true.

Most Italian Marble fruit was imported during the 1950's.

Can you tell the difference? Sometimes, yes, sometimes, no. That's pretty definite, isn't it???????

"Reproduction" to me means made to deceive. New marble fruit is just new marble fruit.

It isn't currently being made to deceive anyone.

Marble is a soft material so the dings and bangs that vintage marble fruit have can be an indication that the fruit has some age.

The thing you should take into account when buying marble fruit is more "Does the piece speak to you."

Do you like it's surface, it's coloration, it's shape, and it's patina.

For a while Italian Marble Fruit was the "IT" collectible in the American Country field. Prices were SKY high. At that time you would have wanted to know that the marble fruit you were buying was OLD...

But, prices are now again reasonable. So reasonable that vintage marble fruit is less expensive than new.

Here is a website for price comparison! Look at those prices! Yikes!!!!!!!!

I am linking these Italian marble fruit buying tips to Nifty Thrifty Tuesday at Coastal Charm.

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  1. You furnished a lot of good information about the marble fruit. Mine my not be worth much money wise, but it means a lot to me for personal reasons. At least, I know it is from the old production.

  2. Wow, I didn't realize the extent of food that they do. Happy to see all the varieties, it definitely is awesome with fall coming!

  3. I had no idea. The grapes are speaking to me...but since the dining room table is filled with piles to file (or otherwise, "do something with me!), not now. But...I never say never.


  4. Beautiful fruit! Love it and the tips! Thanks! Have a blessed day! HUGS!

  5. I just discovered your wonderful blog and I really love it! I recently found some marble fruit and it was fun reading about it and seeing all the pics you posted! I'm looking forward to reading through your older posts and new ones in the future~ I am a new follower!

  6. Really good post, Joan. A great perspective, too, on reproduction anything. Did you get that blog post I sent you written by another dealer? I need to go back and read it again. Your information is very interesting. Hope you are doing well! Ann


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