Thursday, April 28, 2011

I've Seen Trouble

I've seen trouble... a Trouble Light that is.

(By the way, those are FieFie and Olive, my etsy shop's mascot frogs.)

I love industrial lighting, and a Trouble Light is the easiest to use.

Just hang it up using its 18 foot cord and
you're ready to go.

This vintage Trouble Light is available at


  1. I just love your little frogs ~ Ally x

  2. Love that photo...did you plan the irony of the staging. Two little frogs staring at a light as if thinking; "hurry up and turn on already so we can eat"

    Adorable and I love your shop!

  3. These lights are so much better then those florescent ones. They give me the worse headaches. Old school lights all the way.



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