Saturday, November 19, 2011

handmade holiday

holiday handmades by me.

{i do feel the need to make
 something every so often}

**up before dawn, and off to an estate sale**

breaking news~~~~yesterday was a milestone day for me.
made my 2000th sale on etsy!

have a great day, everyone.

my handmade items available in limited quantities at


  1. Beautiful! Enjoy this gorgeous day, HUGS!

  2. I love your ornaments! They are just gorgeousness!!
    Congratulations on you awesome sales!!

  3. Wow! 2,000 sales -- congratulations!

    Love those cute little wreaths!

  4. One thing is far sure, you are doing something right to sell that much. I think it is wonderful and hope you continue to sell big. With your talent, you should do well in anything. Great blog.

  5. First, love your creations..especially the sweet little wreaths. Have fun at the estate sale and a huge congratulations for so many sales. The way you display and describe your items must have something to do with it!!

  6. Congratulations on your 2,000 sale! Well deserved!


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