Thursday, January 5, 2012


after the christmas rush was over
i took some time off from my etsy shop
to do some cleaning up and reorganizing.

one of things i needed was a new backdrop
for my photographs.

my other one was too small
so i repainted an old shed door a fresh white.

and had mr. anythinggoeshere make 
some interchangeable shelves out of
recycled materials.

i love how easy it is to
take photos with my new setup.

do you like it?

full set of vintage brass stencil letters.
{a great size to use for necklaces}


  1. I do like your new backdrop. I have always admired how your etsy photos haved a consistant look......presentation is everything :>)

  2. clean, fresh, classic...its all that and more...and love the stencils...


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