Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Warning: Mopeds Ahead

This Outdoor Wednesday post has little to do with my passion for antiques hunting. It is much more about the ADVENTURE of hunting for antiques. It's about the unexpected and unplanned.

I started out in a pretty typical place...at a gate waiting for a garage sale to open.

The most interesting (and cheapest) thing turned out to be a view of these pretty, and vigorous climbing hydrangeas covering the neighbor's fence.

They deserve a closeup. Just perfect...very green and very lush.
Forget the antiques, I want some of these.

Later we went to a lovely neighborhood where the houses are in a wooded area and clustered together by historical-style themes. I have always loved these houses, and they have held up well over the past 25 years.

This is the view from the back porch of the Estate Sale. The antiques were lovely, abundant, pricey and I wondered how the family is ever going to clear the house to put it on the market.

No antiques purchased here either, but another lovely view.

On the way home we stumbled on a tiny flea market with about 8 vendors. The most popular booth had ladies' purses, scarves, and accessories.

No antiques here of me either.


My last stop was to see what all these kids were doing. They were on a moped rally riding from downtown Chicago to Illinois State Beach Park for a BBQ.

There were more than 100 riders. They had come from all over the country...New York, LA, Texas, Virginia, Minneapolis to do this ride. Talking to them about their passions...riding, traveling, photography was the highlight of my day.

The day turned out not to be so much about my passion, but the beauty all around me and the passions of others.


  1. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day, Joan!! Beautiful photos!

  2. Obviously you had a great time. Loved your pics. TTFN~ Marydon

  3. Sounds like you had a fun time, Joan, even if you didn't find any goodies. I love that shot of the fountain, how pretty!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday to you!


    Sheila :-)

  4. I have never even HEARD of climbing hydrangeas!
    Tell me, did you pinch just a little tiny piece off to take home and root?
    Well I would have!

  5. Sometimes I think young adults actually like talking to us older folks too! I think I am 25 just stuck in this 53 yr. old body! Glad your day turned out well, we have been soggy allll day. But I like the rain so I am not complaining. I checked out your giveaway, wow, 90 comments when I stopped in,,, I guess your prize is well sought after (whisper) psst- I really like those! gotta go now :)

  6. Howdy Joan
    Oh my what a wonderful adventure .
    Sorry you did not find anything to carry away from the antique field but oh my I love the photos you took .
    Those were truly lush green hydrangeas ,and that fountain was gorgeous !
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    They are all just fantastic .
    I liked the story about all the moped riders .That sounds like a lot of fun for someone younger than myself.
    Big Hugs
    Happy Trails

  7. Sorry you couldn't find anything to purchase at the estate sale. The pond with the fountain looked really neat. Enjoy your day!

  8. It is so interesting sometimes to listen to what others are so passionate about....hard to understand at times but each to his own! It sounds like you had a day of insight and observation...great that you could find the gift in an antiqueless day! (new word!)
    Take care....hope you get some sleep tonight!

  9. That looks like it was a lot of fun. Sorry you didn't get any antiques.

  10. Nice outing and just the right price!

    Enjoyed! Candy

  11. What a wonderful day you had all around!!! Love the photo of the fountain!

    My Outdoor Wednesday is flowers with a 'passion'. Come over if you can find time. I'd love your company today.

    And, hope the day treats you well!!!

  12. perfect day I believe! especially the little flea market!

    happy outdoor wednesday touring!

  13. Lovely pictures. I love days out walking about and going here and there. It sounds like you had a lovely time.

  14. I've heard a saying about fishing, "A bad day fishing is better than a good day doing anything else." I feel the same way about treasure hunting ~ even if you don't "catch" anything, it's still a good day!

  15. My favorite part of estate sales is getting a chance to see the inside of old homes and viewing their gardens!

  16. Sometimes the day takes a turn of it's own with a pleasant outcome.

  17. Joan sounds like you had a full and rewarding day,even if you didn't find any antiques. Interesting about the kids on bikes.

    Happy Wednesday.

  18. Looks like a fun day, Joan. Love the fountain. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.


  19. I love these types of outtings. Wish i took advantage of more of them.

    Happy OW

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  20. It sounds like a wonderful day even if you came home empty handed. Your pictures are terrific.

  21. Enjoyed this outing with you but I like the photo of the water best.
    Mama Bear

  22. This sounds like a great day to me! I'd love to see more of the neighborhood with the wooded fountain! Those trunks look pretty interesting!

  23. that is my type of day would love to have been there I would of had so much fun

  24. I like how you put such a great spin on a day that didn't turn out with great finds! Great pictures of that garden (and thanks for commenting on my garden post). Congratulations on your Follower numbers. Your giveaway is catching on!

  25. Some people are so focused on what they set out to do or find, they fail to see the beauty and interesting things along the way of their quest. Good for you for not being that short sighted! Every venture can be an adventure if you have the right attitude! :)

  26. Thanks for the tour. I have gone out many times looking for a treasure and came home empty handed.

  27. Hey Joan,
    I've had days like this, but I always turn it into an adventure, it truly is all about the 'Journey'...
    Thanks for the sweet comments...
    Barb C.

  28. Well, the getting there is more than half the fun, even if the getting there turns out to be ALL the fun!
    You had a lovely "tour" of interesting areas --- so a worthwhile day anyway! thanks for sharing... Cass


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