Friday, July 31, 2009

What I was up to last Weekend.

I know it may seem that all I do lately is blog and craft, but NO I also Estate Sale shop for my antiques business. I went out Thursday morning and bought some neat old hardware, vintage tools, and iron garden edging.

Friday I started out in my hometown at this lovely home, with a lovely golf course view, with lovely stuff...but no lovely stuff for me. That is the lovely, good-natured home owner {in the pink} waving at us taking her picture.

Went to two other local sales..{bought a Victorian strap iron bench, garden cart, cool tools and old books} before heading about 30 miles west.. an "edge of town" farmette along the Fox River with several out buildings including this old barn. Note to readers: This cute little barn is actually a VERY BIG barn!

The old Ford truck is really just a front end sitting next to the barn...not coming out of it.

You can just see the top of the pretty, restored turn of the century farmhouse peaking over the top of the tent.

This is the surplus of a couple who are full time antiques dealers. The barn is FULL of ready to redo furniture projects.

Notes to self:

1. Don't bring home thousand pound things that no one else wants.
2. Don't leave indoor things OUTSIDE.

I asked the wife what was up with the sale, and her reply was that it was time "to do things differently."

I am walking toward one of the helpers who is picking up two of my purchases...some dress forms who are going to need "remodeling".

Bought some neat old silverware for a project. And a box full of vintage {but unused} folding, cardboard egg carriers with great graphics.

Saturday I was out again very, very early, and Sunday I was at this flea market shopping.

Saturday afternoon: Went to two Estate Sales in the morning. One in a house that had been closed up for 18 years! The handwritten sign: "DUCK" meant just that. I had to bend over in half to get into the very scary basement. The things I do for my customers.


  1. I just can't believe all of the cool sales that you stumble upon! Maybe I am looking in the wrong places, because there is nothing like this here. Maybe if I was willing to drive a pretty long way, but I hate driving.

  2. Oooh, that little barn looks like heaven to me. I love when antiques dealers decide to downsize...

  3. Love the barn!! Woo-hoo! What great finds for you. TTFN ~Marydon

  4. Love old barns. Love old barn sales even more :-)

  5. Working Saturday & shopping for vacation supplies on Sunday. Get in some down time too!!!

  6. Estate Sales are my thing lately. I only go on Sundays ('round here they're usually 1/2 price if under $35). Prices have been so cheap anyway. It's funny, we're untouched by the "recession" but, folks here are so conservative that they batten down the hatches when things are bad elsewhere. So, I have scored lately.
    We have family stuff here and there all weekend so, no sales for me.

  7. i love old barns, and estate sales. sounds like a neat place. our prices are so high here...found a totally cool little settee in vermont for 150 but would have been 500 or more here...thank heavens it fit in the car so you know it was meant to be! : )

  8. I think I am going to have to visit America just for the sales... I am already good at collecting small, light things to take home on the plane, so I think I could do some serious shopping and still get it back to France...

  9. Hello Joan - thank you for joining the party! What a fun weekend shopping you've had! I'm sure you brought home some fabulous finds. What a neat barn!


  10. What a great sale! I never see anything like that here. The barn looks incredible :)


  11. Sounds like you had a successful week/weekend! That barn is super cool...

  12. Joan, those looked like some fun shopping places. Loved that old barn, I bet there were some treasures in there. And what fun to shop for your antiques business too. We both had a fun weekend!

  13. I could spend hours shopping there. So much fun.

  14. Lol about the front of the Ford truck sitting in front of the barn. Oh boy, would I have loved to go shopping there. Thanks for the lovely visit to your blog.

  15. Sounds like an adventure this weekend, and boy would I have loved to get inside that barn!

  16. Love the cute little 'actually big' barn. Especially with that old ford truck 'not' coming out of the front! Sounds like you had yet another adventure. You gals and your junking... making me green with envy!!

  17. What super sales ! I bet you did have fun and so neat to see your pics !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  18. WOW Joan those look like some NEAT sales!!! I love seeing your pictures of everything. What fun!!

  19. I'd LOVE to go to a yard/estate sale like the one at the barn!! The place looked chock-a-block full of items with mega-potential!! Wonderful!!

    Thanks for dropping by DesignTies and commenting on my little upcycling project... I suspect it's small potatoes compared to the things YOU do!! Yes, they will definitely be useful around the house... and I'm crazy about the colour! We'll be putting them down in our family room (once we've finished renovating that room) and I think they'll be perfect!

    All the best,
    Victoria @ DesignTies


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