Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Jam Packed Estate Sale

I haven't taken you Estate Sale-ing with me for a couple weeks ~ so let's go to last week's biggest sale ~ and have a look around.

When I got there 2 hours before opening there were already at least 50 people waiting on the front lawn.

Seeing stuff all over the front porch, I had a pretty good idea that there was ALOT inside.

No, I didn't buy that iron urn on a pedestal by the front door ~ it was $90.

The elves were cute ~ but were plastic and broken. That tent has hundreds of molds to make ceramics in it!

There were also hundreds frames all over this house. All pretty uninteresting. I know some of you who love to make things with frames would have been in heaven.

And then the stuff really started........It was a ranch style house with probably 12 rooms full of stuff including the basement.

That is a tote full of doll hair!

This was a pretty "sunroom/greenhouse". I found 2 pieces of ironstone out here.

Over the years when I start out to a sale I often have no idea what it is going to be sometimes with Estate Sales.Net and Craig's List I have seen pictures.

With this sale I had seen pictures ~ but the extent of the stuff was not fully captured!

I did find 3 nice metal urns buried in all this stuff and a few other small things.

Looking at peoples' stuff I try to figure out their STORY?

Were these people in the gift business?

Did they own a ceramics store?

Why did they have all of these faux flowers?

What is up with the wall of unused Christmas stuff?

What do you think? Would you have loved or....

hated this sale?


  1. I would have been totally overwhelmed, but I would have loved it!!

  2. I would have loved it also. I went to a sale several years ago that just seemed to have way to much "stuff". Turned out the people handling the sale brought in a lot of other things to sell that were not part of the estate.

  3. I would have loved this sale!!


  4. I too, would have loved this sale. It looks like a whole lot of fun.

  5. IO'd have been in heaven! Have a beautiful weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. I feel a little light-headed. That is Heaven On Earth. If I knew about that one, I would have traveled 2,000 miles to get there!

  7. I spotted the white patio set right away. I would have drop kicked anyone who got in my way to take that home with me. I think I would have enjoyed that sale. :)

  8. Oh, wow, I can't believe all that stuff!! I would have loved to go to that sale. It reminds me of one I went to not too long ago where I scored some great deals on craft supplies. That one also had tons of teddy bears, they were everywhere! I too always wonder about the people...I make up little stories about them! Those people were either extreme packrats or probably owned some sort of craft/hobby store.

  9. I would have loved this sale! I just can't believe how much stuff one house can hold. Glad you found a few items.

  10. When I see a big sale like this,
    I wonder what the family kept ;-)


  11. and why did they have a whole tub of doll hair? Did you find other doll parts or was it just the hair?

    As long as a sale has so many things like that one, I get excited. There just HAS to be something in there that I would love.

    On the other hand, at an estate sale, I also get sort of sad. They always mean that someone has died or their quality of life has drasticaly changed. I mourn for them a bit.

  12. Oooh boy ... am I really the only one not liking this estate sale? Or is my idea of an estate sale to romantic?! Love the iron urn though ;-) I really go for the antique/brocante stuff ... preferably victorian. This is to much household junk for my taste I'm afraid.

    Have a great weekend!

  13. I would have been there. I just would not have stood in line for 2 hours. If I don't know about it I won't want it. But I do hate it when someone is walking out with something I would like. I try not to look at them. I do like it when someone likes what I have. Is that mean?

  14. Wow! what a sale. Although I might of been a bit overwhelmed looking at all that 'good' stuff.

  15. I havn't been to an estate sale in years, but I think this one would have completely overwhelmed me. I don't think I've ever seen so much. Wow. Hugs, Marty

  16. Joan,

    I am always up for a sale-good or bad. It's the thrill of the hunt. Looking forward to following your adventures.


  17. I would have loved it! I was at an estate sale myself on Friday morning...lucky to get #64 to enter....channeled YOU and found TWO pieces of coral! wooohooo! so excited to find those, among many other things. I love 'sale-ing'! :o)

  18. HI Joan
    I just wonder where all this stuff comes from? Did they live with all this? Being 'Estate Sale' does that mean 'Deceased Estate'? It is just mind boggling to see how much is there. Although it looks quite clean and orderly! Maybe they were collectors too.. of xmas stuff.. hehe
    Well looks like it was fun! x Julie

  19. Wow! I would have loved rummaging through all that stuff. Thanks for sharing,Joan...Christine

  20. Hey Joan
    I have to say I would have grabbed the urn and ran...the rest of it would not have been for me

  21. As much as I adore a bargain, I have never been to an estate sale. I just don't get going early enough in the morning. This sale looks like it would have been so much fun. Love the $90 urn!

  22. Not my cup of tea, actually I drink coffee. I craft a fair bit but nothing appealed to me there. It did make me want to clean up my basement though. LOL

  23. Looks like a place to spend many hours just sorting through everything. It really is amazing to walk into a sale and see all of the "stuff" that someone collects. I think I would have had a fund time there.


  24. Oh, this would have pushed my "go home and clean out my own dang house" button.......

  25. What eye candy!!!! I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE sales like that! Makes my heart go pitter patter!! LOL


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