Monday, August 31, 2009

The No-Brainer

At the Estate Sale I wanted this one...

Look at that patina ~ the color ~ the layers of old paint...

I knew someone will want it when I bring it to the flea to sell...

Mr. Anything Goes Here wanted this one... to put in the front yard ~ newish ~ red ~ almost perfect...

At $1 each... it was a no-brainer.. we both got what we wanted...

Don't you just love it when that happens????


  1. What a thrifty bargain. $1.00 each, way to go!


  2. Get out! $1 each? And I thought I stole mine at $5. Congrats! ~Mindy

  3. Oooh how lucky you are! We had those old chairs when I was a little girl... my sister inherited them and painted them! I would have left them shabby... the pink one DOES look pretty though... Bisous... Julie Marie

  4. Love the one with the patina. You've a great eye! Thanks for stopping by my blog.



  5. My grandmother had green metal chairs like those. The thing I remember the most about them was how hot they were on my little legs when I sat in them. The pillow on your's is just perfect.

    Have a great evening.


  6. What do ya mean "when that happens". That never happens here. You guys get all the deals in the US.
    Canadians don't sell anything cheap.

  7. Joan, I don't know where you shop but it must be a lot better on that side of town!
    Great stuff

  8. $1.00?!! Geez!! I love when that happens (though it rarely happens to me!).

  9. $1 ?! Sweet deal on both chairs! I never find anything that good for $1.

  10. $1 ??? You can't get anything her for $1
    Flea, estate sales, nor $1 shops...
    Infact eEven the $1 shops are called $2 shops and pretty sure nothing in them for $2
    Great bargains. x Julie

  11. A dollar! Are you kidding me? Just an awesome buy.Good for you!

  12. This is a true amazing BARGAIN. Well done.

  13. I love that chair..., I saw two of them at Mary Kay Andrews' blog (who's remodel on Tybee I featured), and they were pink too.

  14. Don't you love it when get something that everybody wants! Good job.

  15. I have fond memories of chairs like that on my neighbor's front porch. We spent a lot of summer evenings hanging out in those chairs. Great buy for $1.00!

  16. 1.00!!!!!!! EACH!!!?!?!?

    What a steal! {Did you tell them you stole it} :)

    I have been eying some of these for so long and the cheapest I found was $75 for a set of 4. That was out of my price range at the time, but $1 I could definitely do ANYtime!! Congrats!

  17. Great price!! Love the flowers in the one! Enjoy your day!

  18. My grandparents had chairs just like those. Great memories.

  19. What a great remake on that one and at a great price too! Wow, that red really pops! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Hi Joan,
    Love the old chair, I sell many, every year, and they are the coolest! They make new ones, but not even close to the quality of the old ones, I think people found that out, pretty quickly. They slowed up on sales, when the repro's came out, then when people realized, they weren't as heavy duty, they came back to the 'real deal', and for less money! Bonus! I leave mine 'as found', so people can do with them what they want, paint'em up, or keep'em gnarly!
    Thanks for asking about up dates on the Old House, we've only been cleaning, between us and the executors, we've hauled ou 4 of the largest dumpsters you can find, plus several loads of brush, and old lumber... We haven't closed yet, so no serious updates, those will be at the end of the month... I'll keep you posted!
    Barb C.

  21. SCORE!! I have great memories at Granny Mac's house in her chairs like the one you chose. They both are wonderful, but I'm more drawn to the one you picked :)

  22. This style of chair always reminds me of my Nana and Grandad. They had a patio full of these in bright colors. Thanks for the nice memory!

  23. i do love when that happens. hooray for no brainers!


  24. OMG!!! $1 ea! What a steal! Good for you!!!

  25. I love your chairs... I'm with you. I like the green chippy one best!

  26. Wow... i need to grab you to take me with you to find a fantastic $1.00 chair like this.

    Love the transision.

    If you get a minute I would always enjoy you stopping.

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

  27. Someone else's trash becomes your gold brick. $1.00 such a deal! Your chair looks fantastic!

  28. You did very well.
    Everyone is happy!

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  29. I like them both, you got a steal at $1.oo, way to go. . .Love the gourd picture on your header too, happy outdoor Wednesday!

  30. Ok, great looking chairs for $1 each?? That NEVER happens here!! Enjoy your find!

  31. ONE DOLLAR EACH? Oh my gosh, that is an amazing bargain. Holy smokes, you got mad skills! Where do you find estate sales with those kinds of prices???

  32. heehee! It is truly grand when this happens:
    Happy couple gets what they want! :o)

    Great finds!

    Blessings & Aloha!

    (also what a huge estate you posted about earlier! Wow! so much stuff... I always think about the stories behind the things in an estate many memories untold.

    ...and a very clever crochet boquet! idea that your dear friend "shared" with you :o)


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