Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Loot from Sunday's Shopping

When I walked out to the backyard yesterday, I was delighted to see that the peonies were blooming.

I have the ordinary pink kind, AND I have PRETTY white ones with a splash of red.

At Sunday's Wisconsin farm Estate Sale I also found a stash of clock parts

Lots of gears of different sizes.

And several vintage clock faces.

I may make something out of the parts, but more likely I will sell them to other people for their projects.


  1. Amazing the little cool. Love the peonies, mine have already bloomed and gone!

  2. Joan ~
    What cool finds !
    Ohhhh and I too love peonies and really would love to have a ton of them ~ I wish they bloomed just a little longer ~

  3. Peonies...they are such a memory link for me. I grew up in Western Ks and it seems that at one time it was popular to plant them at cemeteries. In Kansas they are care free and keep blooming long after the farmhouse has fallen down.

    They were always in full bloom when we went to the cemetery for Memorial Day services.

    I remember seeing tiny old stones that were falling into the holes in the ground absolutely dwarfed and covered by huge peony bushes.

    I really like the clock parts especially the square one...

  4. I love how the clock parts look just grouped together.
    so cool!
    Peonies are a fave of mine.

  5. Oh! I love clock parts. ESPECIALLY, gears. Why do you suppose that is? Great stash o'stuff you got there.

    Have a terrific Thursday. - Kathy

  6. At the Round Top Antiques Festival last Fall, one of the sellers had several antique clock faces that he turned into clocks. I wish I had the $$$ to have bought one...since I didn't, I'm now on the hunt to find a face to turn into a clock! Looks like you're well on the way there in making one for yourself!

  7. You have a way of making the most ordinary things look beautiful. How do you keep the ants off the peonies. I always want to bring mine indoors, they are so gorgeous...but the ants never go away!

  8. Hi Joan,
    Your blog looks so lovely as usual...and those clock parts are fab! Every time I see a flower frog, I think of you. Good luck at your show this weekend.

  9. ...Oops, not this weekend...I read "June" as "May". Silly me!

  10. I adore gears for their industrial look to the pretty teeth that interconnect. Great stash. Sea witch

  11. Glad to have found this exciting blog...loving your artsy posts.

    I'm adding you to my blog roll...come visit

    Kitsch n Stuff

    Would love to be on your blog roll too!


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