Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Button, Button, Who's got the Button?

I have to admit that I spent much of the weekend reading about all the wonderful Where Bloggers Create workspaces. There are 450 bloggers participating in this party. I am up to the "S's".

Read my next post to see a "Keeping It Real" look at my workspace.

I did take Sunday morning off to attend the local parking lot flea market. My favorite purchase was this little plastic box filled with a lovely button collection.

Not surprisingly the vendor was a guy. I would have really been surprised to have found all these great buttons being sold by a women vendor for the price I paid. I would have purchased the neat green box empty for the same amount.

These will be great flower centers.

Another vendor, a former watchmaker, had all of these neat bottle sets including tiny clock parts.

Some extra clock parts thrown in a box.

Love these little bottles with red writing saying "Best Fit".

Back to reading more of the
Where Bloggers Create
I will be doing a recap of the party later this week featuring my favorite workspaces.

Anyone else taking on reading all of the Where Bloggers Create posts????


  1. You had me at 'button.' Came by this love of buttons via mother & grandmother. Have button box, etc. No one my age (whom I know, anyway) has one...'what is that? A button box? Really. Well it's round & it's porcelain." (They're a picky lot.)

    Anyway, no I've not read the "where bloggers create" series though I know about it. Perhaps on my 1-1/2 days out-of-town at the beach with free wireless when I can't sleep? Dunno. I'll get to it, though.


  2. First...that button container you found was fabulous. I would be digging through that for hours. My love for vintage sewing notions definitely developed because of my mother. I need to do a post on all the sewing stuff she has (and still uses daily at 81 years).
    I applaud you for getting to all 450 of the Where Bloggers Create posts. I have made it to probably 1/2 of them. There were some amazing creative spaces.

  3. Oh my those are some fabulous buttons. I love that box also...did you buy that? Cool bottles with the cork tops.

  4. Nice finds! I have have been reading some of the Where Bloggers Create post, but no where near as many as you have - still working on the list.

  5. I love your treasures!! Wonderful finds!

  6. I'm drooling. I would have bought all the same things! I LOVE old buttons and don't even collect them, little boxes with drawers intrigue me, and I can't resist bottles with any personality attached. Such fun!!!!

  7. Hi Joan,

    Perusing my fav blogs and saw the word Button mentioned ... I have just got done looking through most of my buttons for just the perfect buttons for a witch doll I am making... and that big orange one in your box is just the ticket ! I mean button ! LOL...

    Buttons in my area of Pa. are getting hard to come by and pricy besides..

    Looks like you hit the jackpot with that neat button box !

    Thanks for sharing your new button box !


  8. I am trying really hard to read them all..now I am at "L"...looking forward to them all...they are fun!

  9. Thank goodness for male vendors I say! they just don't get us chicks

  10. oooh, what great finds!! I'm just catching up on blog posts as it is, but I will definitely be hitting some of the blogs linked- I love seeing people's creative spaces!

  11. I see we have a bazillion things in common...buttons for one! I looove a good button tin or jar, can't pass em' up! I just found your blog and am loving it already! I'm heading back to read about your workspace, I see the word Chaos...well I had to drop out of WBC because my space was, well lets just say my son told me it was bordering on, shhhh!!! whispers softly...a hoarders room OMG, my own offspring, doesn't he know good stuff/junque when he sees it?!!! Off to read instead of organize. Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  12. I would kill for those buttons! What a find! I am coming back for 4th of July link up!


  13. I am slowly enjoying my way through the Bloggers Create posts. I have added to the task the nearly 200 posts from a virtual Mad Tea Party. Doubt I will ever catch up.
    Have a great holiday weekend.



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