Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Vintage 4th of July Blog Party

It's that time again~ another Vintage Holiday Blog Party~ The 4th of July.

AND, it's all about the RED, WHITE, and BLUE.

How do you show your patriotic spirit? How do you celebrate the holiday? What are your family's traditions?

I am pretty much a brown, beige, and white person EXCEPT on the 4th of July.

Then it is all about the colors of the American Flag.

Show us your Vintage 4th of July decorating then RELAX and enjoy the holiday.

{Love the irony of Made in Japan under each of these vintage flag lapel pins.}

Remember that your post should be of Vintage 4th of July items or something made from Vintage 4th of July elements. New items may be included in your post, but I request that the focus be on Vintage items.

Instructions for linking your post to the party:

Write and publish your Vintage 4th of July Party Post. After your post is published click on your post's title and copy it. Come over to this post and...

Click on the LINK button below and follow the instructions to add your post's link. Add a link to your specific post, not your general blog.

Next copy the title of this post and paste it in your Vintage 4th of July Party Post and/or add it to your sidebar. That way your readers can find all of the other Vintage 4 of July Party participants.

Finally, take a trip around the other party participants' posts to celebrate Vintage Independence Day 2010, leave a comment so they know you came by to visit.

Thank you everyone for taking part as a participant or reader! I will be doing a recap, as usual, of my favorite posts! If you have a question or problem leave me a comment and I will get back to you. Enjoy!

Happy Vintage 4th of July!

Note: If you come back to check your link and it ISN'T here, it is probably because it doesn't include VINTAGE items! Thank you very much to everyone who followed the instructions!


  1. I love those lapel pins! Now that's the kind of thing that I always hope to find, to add to my patriotic collection. Unfortunately it seems like if it's vintage and has a flag on it, it's way to expensive for me. But I'll keep looking!
    Thank you Joan for hosting a party honoring my favorite holiday!
    Carol~~Old Glory Cottage

  2. Those bow pins are wonderful! Wonder how the Japanese enjoyed making those in the years right after the war?
    Thanks for the fun party, Joan. I always really enjoy these!!

  3. Thanks for hosting Joan! I love old patriotic items; those bows are the bomb!
    Have a happy 4th!

  4. Joan, tank you for hosting this fun party to honor the 4th. As you know, I'm pretty nuts about patriotic decor, so will definitely enjoy seeing what everyone has to share. Your little flag lapel pins are fabulous. I'm always on the watch for vintage Americana. :-)
    Thanks again and Happy July 4th! ~ Sarah

  5. Those flag pins are so cute! I can't believe you found a whole box of them. Thank you for hosting the party. laurie

  6. what a fun party idea. i won't be joining in (not enough decorating) but will be sure to hop around and visit.


  7. Hi Joan! I just linked up, thanks for the fun party! I love the old croquet or lawn balls, very nice. I gotta say I love decorating for the summer, the house just looks prettier all dressed up in red, white and blue! Theresa

  8. Just became a follower and love your blog! I look forward to coming back for future posts (:

    Such beautiful vintage finds!! I think the flag bows are my favorite (:


  9. Hi Joan, I must agree with everyone the flag bows are too cute! Thank You for hosting the party it seems like a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy your Fourth Of July..........Julian

  10. Hi Joan, I'm enjoying your vintage pics! Thanks for hosting a fun party--I think the 4th of July lends itself well to vintage! Jacqueline

  11. Thanks for being the hostess for this great party....I think the pins that were made in Japan is ironic also.....just like the Liberty Blue pattern of dishes that are made in England!!!!

  12. Beautiful, love those colors:) Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

  13. Hi Joan,
    Thanks for hosting another vintage holiday party. My lack of vintage 4th of July decorations forced me to get a little creative with this one. It's not a true vintage item so I hope you don't mind!
    Have a great 4th of July weekend.

  14. What A Wonderful Collection ~ I wish I had some R.W. & B... I miss joining in with the Party ~ Maybe Next Year~ off to check everyones posts.... Have a Wonderful Holiday weekend

  15. What a wonderful party! I am excited to hop around and visit everyone.
    Happy Independence Day!


  16. Those vintage lapel pins are really cute. I especially like the way they look as a group.

  17. My favorite has to be the pins....how fun those would be to hand out at a party! Have a great VTT!

  18. Oh I certainly spotted those red lid jars filled with seashells- right up my alley! Happy VTT!

  19. I just put up a vintage quilt top on my blog - now to look for vintage red white and blue and join the party!

  20. Those jars with seashells in them are very cute. Are they mounted to a wheel so they rotate? My dad used to have something similar for nuts and bolts.

  21. The flag bows are super cute!

    Happy VTT!

  22. Yayyyyyyyy ... Enjoy your day ;-)

  23. Your little pins are so cute. If they were made today they would come from China! Have a very happy 4th!!

    Susan and Bentley

  24. I just found you and became a follower - love your blog!

  25. I just love everything..specially the pins. They're wonderful.
    Happy VTT..have a lovely weekend..

  26. My first time participating -- thank you for the fun, Joan!

  27. I am glad to be part of this party. Being patriotic and showing vintage, what's not to love. Thanks for hosting. Unfortunately what I had originally planned on showcasing is packed away in a box for my shop, and i can't remember which box. I think i found a fair replacement for the party. Have a wonderful 4th.

  28. Thank you, thank you! I am having family over for a bbq Sunday and haven't even decorated yet (as I just moved last weekend). This is JUST the inspiration I needed!

  29. How sweet are those little lapel pins? And who doesn't love a good bit of irony? I know I'm a fan! :) Wherever did you find those cuties?

    Thanks for hosting this party. I'm so glad to be here. It's such a delight!

  30. Hi Joan,
    I'm in! Thanks for hosting...How are preparations for your next show going?

  31. Love all things vintage, and new but inspired by vintage.

    Being in Ireland we don't celebrate 4th July, but I wish we did so I could link up!

    Enjoy the celebrations :)

  32. I just LOVE 4th of July and Vintage! Even better! I didn't know about this party! Thanks for hosting! I found you over at Inspired Rm!

  33. This party has been AWESOME! I have really enjoyed it. I just wish I had known about it earlier! Rats. But, maybe next time! I'll have to follow your blog and make sure I don't miss the next one.

    Now, I've got to get back to my decorating...I got sidetracked here! LOL.

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  34. thanks for hosting! I hope you have a great (safe) holiday weekend!
    love the bows!

  35. Will be enjoying these posts all week-end and can already see they are 'grand'.
    Unfotunately my red, white n blue isn't vintage this year. Maybe next time. Everyone is welcome to stop by our holiday front porch 'atMuldoon'.

  36. What a cool party, wish I had time to play but I am for sure visiting each one! I'm so happy I found your blog, your stuff just makes me foam at the mouth. I don't know where you find it all but OH how I love it. The little vials made me yelp! Happy 4th. Lisa

  37. You have some outstanding collections. It's always a treat to see what new collection you show us!


  38. I thought that 30 year old fence was vintage enough... but I guess not! hahahah Oh well, maybe next time.
    Sorry I posted something that wasn't vintage enough.
    Happy 4th!

  39. Hi Joan, Thank you for stopping by our blog. It was a lot of fun to join in. And Thank You for hosting this weekend. Have a great 4TH of July.............Julian

  40. I don't have anything to link up, but I have sure enjoyed looking at what others had!

    ~Lori S.

  41. Hi Joan...

    Happy 4th of July, my friend! I love that you did a "Vintage 4th party"! Thank you for joining in with Sunday Favorites! I really enjoyed looking at some of your vintage "americana"! I'll have to go and check out some of your party-goers pretties!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  42. hi, joan:) i just found the link to your vintage july 4 party...it was wonderful! i'm sorry i missed it...maybe next year?



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