Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Lamp is Going to Paris!

From abandonment in the basement of a local Chicagoland bungalow to

This industrial lamp from my shop, anythinggoeshere.etsy is
heading for Paris, France.

Is that great or what??!!???

Lucky, lucky lamp!

This is Reason 3 why I sell on Etsy~ World-wide customers!


  1. I SO wish that the person who bought it would send you a picture of it in their home, don't you?!

  2. I could hand deliver the lamp...
    just saying, I could carry it on the plane...
    oh...lucky lamp!

  3. Can you wrap me up with that lamp???

    Thank you so much Joan for the lovely presentation of my goodies. I sat in the living room by myself and just enjoyed the moment. Nothing like feeling pampered with pretty pink tissue and handmade flower! and loved the vintage photos too. Thank you for sending the only printed handle and adore my bingo cards.

    I'm glad you have an etsy shop too!

  4. I think she'll need a transformer to convert the electricity from 110 to 220. At least that's what we had to do 40+ years ago when we lived in Sicily. We had small transformers the size of a box and we'd plug our 110 things into the box and then into the wall. Of course, a lot could have changed in 40+ years.

  5. Oh how fun! How do you keep up with the shipping charges?

  6. That is one lucky lamp!!! My ultimate dream is to visit Paris someday ~ sigh! Just opened my own Etsy shop and I have to agree it is addiciting and liberating!! Great excuse to buy more stuff!! Stay warm, Julie

  7. It is a cool lamp. And will be well traveled as well.

  8. How fun the lamp is headed to France, just where 1/2 the bloggers wants to go and the other half of bloggers has already gone

    I am de-stashing also but i don't have an etsy shop not sure how that works.

    I am always cleaning out and buying more goes along with the addiction


  9. Maybe it needs a chaperone? Just saying...

  10. Dear Joan,
    You are a genius! Your blog and your Etsy shop are so inspirational. You have oodles of talent!
    Missed you at Grayslake last month/
    Hoping to get there next weekend, will you be there?
    Hope so!


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