Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Destashing a Default Stash. Huh?

What does that title mean, you say?

I recently wrote another post about Destashing.

Simply put destashing is getting rid of your stashes.
You know, those things that have stashed themselves around
your house. 

One of my stashes was this collection of vintage whisk brooms.

But, what is a "default stash"?


Whisk brooms were what I bought "by default" when I couldn't find
anything else at an Estate Sale.

It was like the game, Where's Waldo?

I would walk around the Estate Sale looking for
the whisk broom(s).

In old-time households there was almost ALWAYS at least one somewhere.

In the kitchen.

In the mudroom.

On a hook near the stairs to the basement.

At my house this stash was hanging on nails all around the
potting table in my garage.

That is until recently.

Now this stash has been destashed successfully
and is living all around the world.

Number 4 of the reasons why I sell on Etsy~

A quick and fun way to destash a longtime stash.

What's happening at your house?
Stashing or Destashing or Both?
I'd have to say that I am still a both.

Stop by and see what I am Destashing today at


  1. I'm a "both", too! Always destashing something...and stashing something else!

  2. I'm afraid as soon as the stash is gone I would have sellers remorse, which means I'm a keeper of too much junk.

  3. you make your stuff look so great anyone would want to purchase it. No wonder you are doing so well. You are a role model to me. I have an Etsy site with nothing in it. I wish I could get the courage to list something. I’m scared!

  4. I am both, finally! I had stashes for years but am finally selling off my goodies at antique shows, where of course, I sometimes pick up new things to stash!! I have a whisk broom collection, though, that is hanging over a kitchen sink, like a valance!!

  5. Hi just found you through iowajunkgypsies. You have some real neat stuff in your stash.
    Like Beatnheart I am toying with Etsy but not sure what I want to do. Maybe I too will use you as a roll model

  6. Stashing going on here, talk about DE-stashing but most just stashing:) Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

  7. Love the stash and the definition of default stash. I am still doing both, too. One day I destach and the next I go out and find things to stash........will it ever end? (I hope not)


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