Friday, September 30, 2011

mummified. easy peasy halloween decorating.

mummify that pretty little dress form
you have hanging around the house
by just wrapping her with cheesecloth.

my cheesecloth happens to be dirty old estate sale cheesecloth,
but you can easily grunge up new hardware store cheesecloth 
with a brief tea bath.

add a dollar tree skeleton necklace, stick her on the porch, and
she is ready to scare all the little kiddies
 in your neighborhood.

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p.s.  last weekend i mummified my last 4 dress forms
        and sold them all.  sometimes it just takes a little
        something extra.

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  1. I just love all your simple ideas! I'm everywhere with my decorating. I don't take myself too serious. Just a simple life.
    Thanks for sharing.


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