Wednesday, September 21, 2011

tools of the trade.

i love good tools.

both my grandfather and dad were skilled carpenters.

they always had quality tools in their workshops.

calipers are SOLD

these lovely american calipers are a recent estate sale find.

i couldn't resist a little macabre humor
 in doing their photo.

this week i have been working on my display for the elkhorn flea market 
this upcoming weekend
it is going to be all about dr. frankenstein's laboratory.
beakers and lab glass
wire baskets
old black box cameras
industrial dials and gauges
mummified dressforms
spooky bottles * black boxes
some fun vintage store displays.

calipers available at anythinggoeshere.etsy


  1. sounds like a great creative display!!
    come find me please when you show the pics.

  2. Love the old tools!!!

    Joining you from the Etsy BLOG team!

  3. just picked up another vintage caliper myself recently - now I have 4 from small to large - love them...your curved ones are especially nice...


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