Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a psa about vintage red stamps and folding skirt hangers.

after selling thousands and thousands of vintage red postage stamps
in my etsy shop, i am beginning to run out.

if you have thought how nice these would be for a
valentine's day project, i predict that they will be gone by then.
i don't think they will make it though christmas.

so if you want some, i would suggest buying now.

 last vintage skirt hanger
with red accents is SOLD, and am moving on to black.
they are selling briskly.

i have added 3 black accented hangers.
every room needs a little touch of black.


  1. OH NO! I had the sheep in my cart and continued to shop...BIG MISTAKE!!!

  2. Way to go on the popularity of your items! I love your stuff. I was doing really well with the wood suit/slack hangers for a while there. I hope to get back into the Etsy/Blogging scene again, and your blog is always inspiring to me!


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