Monday, June 22, 2009

Doomed Dome Home?

Today for Outdoor Wednesday we are finally leaving my garden and going on a road trip.

Often the hunt for junk/stuff/antiques takes me to interesting and unusual places. But, this was a first for me: an estate sale in a geodesic dome home. This house is only a few miles from my home. But being hidden off the main streets, I never knew it was there.

Unfortunately, the "dead end' sign pretty much says it all for the future of this untended and unloved home. The roof looks better in the photo than it did in person. Imagine that reroofing repair bill!

The geodesic dome was popularized by R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) who built his first geodesic dome in 1949. This isn't what he had in mind for his "house of the future."

I heard R. Buckminster Fuller speak in a lecture series in the late 1970's. I loved being in the room with one of our leading futurists and visionaries. I think he would be sad to see what has happened to one of his ideas.... because now in the present....

there's a shopping cart parked in the front yard. They're cutting the grass around it. At least they still ARE cutting the grass, right?

And dealers are waiting in line ready to rush the door at the stroke of 9am. Oh, wait...I guess they started shopping a little early...

They are doing exactly what you think they are! I guess they couldn't wait until they got inside.

Yes, that is an antenna inside the house surrounded by 1950's plastic flowers. Unfortunately, none of my other interior shots came out. Trust me it was an eclectic mix of Victorian, mid-century, funky and kitsch.

Bottom line, it was a "blast from the past" on an otherwise uneventful Thursday morning. I did find some things to sell ...including an original to the house 1950's yellow mesh kitchen table, but I left will mixed feelings about hope/future vs. reality/now. How about you?


  1. we used to call them 'mouse houses'as kids. there was one on a major highway that always had different businesses in it...nothing ever stayed in it...cute post!

  2. I personally thought the dome houses were ugly and they looked uncomfortable.
    Enjoyed your cute post!

  3. Man I would have loved to see some of the interior images. I remember the days when we'd go inside & holy heck Batman!!!! The strangest thing I ever saw was a fully stuffed moose with clown shades on & a lei. I joked that the poor departed owner most likely died of fright one night from his own home.
    Dome houses can be cool but they need to be taken care of. The shopping cart is a hint of how bad the house is....

  4. I always wondered how it would be not to have a corner in the house :0)
    Looks like an interesting adventure!!

  5. How funny ! I love your post ....TV antenna in the house - ya know they can't use it anymore..they have to get that converter box...LOL ! I like faux flowers but not that old !
    Hugs ~ kAMMY

  6. I know, people always show up early to these kinds of events. I'm wondering what was to be found in this peculiar home!

  7. My daughter dated a boy who lived in a dome house back in the early 90's. I was always amazed at the inside. Not for me though. Baby does get put in the corner...a lot!

  8. Jeepers I have never been in a dome house. Unusual Outdoor Wednesday post. Nice job.
    Joyce M

  9. Funny post! I guess there's no early bird special. I have not seen a domed house before. Yeah, they can't sell the indoor antenna anymore. Have a great week!

  10. oh my I have never ever even seen anything like this, can't imagine living in it

    what a great Outdoor Wednesday post...enjoyed my visit, thanks


  11. Sad to see things fall into disrepair. . .Did you find anything at the Dome House?

  12. we have a few dome houses on the Central Coast. They seem cozy and fun to me. like a little gnome hut!

  13. Sad to see any home deteriorating. Hope you found some good stuff.


  14. Domes and truly structural yurts are not uncommon in the Pacific Northwest. When cared for they can be lovely. They're among the strongest and safest structures that can be built. It's a shame to see one so neglected. There is a dome home in our area, close by actually, that was built by an architect and furnished by his wife, a decorator. It's wonderful. I loved the pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  15. Wow I'm sure it was the talk of the town back in its day. So sad to see it deteriorating and being picked off. Hopefully someone will come in and make it beautiful again.
    I really enjoyed your post.. thanks for sharing your outting.

  16. Never heard or seen of a dome house before...Can't imagine attenna in the house...sound like not much room in that dome house. let the house go unattended and not taking care of...I think about those Homeless people would love to have a house even it's a small house or dome house. Probably be taken care of..Sad! Thanks for sharing..Happy Outdoor! Kathy

  17. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Joan,
    you have a very nice post/wonderful post
    There is a dome house here in our has sold one time and both owners kept it in immaculate condition especially the outside and gardens...I have never seen the inside
    they are very unusual for sure...I remember when it was first built...I thought it was cool but it never caught on here in oklahoma
    I would love for you to drop by and visit with me

  18. I bet the place smelled like a blast from the past too. Interesting. I lived in a small town in PA once that had one of these houses. I also knew a cheese shop that was housed in one of these.

    I put these houses in the same category as A-Frames - No Thank You!

  19. There's a dome home in our town. It doesn't seem that they keep it up all that well either. Maybe because there's no market for it just like log cabin homes around here. I've always wanted to see one in person. I know what you mean about the feeling of reality/ vs. hope and future. I hope we're on the right track now with all this "Green" technology.

    My friend always says "Where have all the hippies gone"
    They've all gone corporate!!!!

  20. I've always thought one of these would be neat if you decked it out to look like a little fairy house - thatch on the roof, etc. I would have loved to see the interior. Thanks for sharing these. Kathy


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