Monday, June 1, 2009

Dress Form Stripper

In her past life (even with her old black/gold fabric covering) she happily took part in a 50th high school reunion.

Then last Saturday morning I came into her life...

In a flash (almost, it did involve some tugging and pulling) off came her ugly outer layer...revealing her true inner beauty...

Now she's ready for a new simple, natural, striped down life.


  1. Lovely patina, where did you find her?

  2. Oh Joan....she's gorgeous!!!! I love her...xxoo, Dawn

  3. How on earth were you able to get the fabric off so neatly? When I do it, the poor girls look like they are molting! She looks terrif!!

  4. You were right Joan, I adore her - she is fabulous.

    So pleased that I found your blog..........

    Leeann x

  5. Hello Joan.
    I love your dress form. I have very similar dress form.(smile)
    Will spend some time exploring your blog..

    x Julie

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. When I saw the dress form I almost melted! I collect them, all sizes and materials. My most recent one is getting a make over. I'll post it when I'm finished. The plant is a succulent. Love your blog. ~The Sweet Gardenia

  7. Hi Joan - Thanks for dropping by my glad I discovered yours! Am definitely adding you to my roll. :) I found the same dress form a few months back. It was such a mess pulling all the old fabric off, but so worth it! I debated on covering her in vintage sheet music, and I'm glad I didn't . I just love the natural look. She now wears a pretty lace collar and belt with a rhinestone buckle, all easily removable when she feels like changing. `o) Love your blog...

  8. What a fabulous find! You should name her Joan of Arc.
    So happy you stopped by my blog today, & hope you'll return often!


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