Friday, June 26, 2009

People Throw Away the Best Things

Some thoughts to mull around while you're out thrifting, garage sale-ing, and flea-ing this weekend.

Remember when everyone needed/wanted sap buckets? They were the "in" thing. Now they're not.

When magazines and and cable say it's hot, it's hot...when it's not, it's not... You can think of lots of things over the years like that.. graniteware, yellowware, quilts, country, primitives, 1940's tableclothes, barkcloth, watering cans, coach bags ...

and on and on.

But, does the thing itself lose value when it is no longer hot? Not necessarily. Not, if YOU love it!

Do we always have to have the LATEST thing?

Maybe not!

Most everything we collect and are buying now was discarded by someone at sometime.

This spring someone threw away these cheery sap buckets because they were no longer wanted, and now they're mine. Are they any less valuable because they are no longer the "in" thing? I think not! How do you feel about following trends because someone else tells you it's ..... in?


  1. I would have snapped those up too, great for container gardening!

    I am always amazed at what people get rid of, but we all get tired of things in our home. The trick is making that past trend item into something new and fabulous.

  2. Oh, love the buckets and the colors are so bright and beautiful. Great post.

  3. It's crazy that someone threw those out. They obviously have no imagination.
    On the trend question. Contemporary and minimal is in and I don't do that. So is IKEA and I don't do that either.
    Unfortunitely in retail you have to be a little trendy but I still keep it to what I like and that seems to work for me.
    Love this post!!!

  4. True. I can't sell a sap bucket to save my life. But, I'm not gonna throw 'em out! My house rules are and always will be: It must be old or art to decorate my home. I can play within those rules with or without trends. ~Mindy

  5. That's why I buy trends to sell and classics to keep. I love your sap buckets and yes, I would have got them out of the trash too.
    One of my favorite things is still grapevine with mini-lights even though it has been done to death...don't tell anyone. It can be our little secret!

  6. I would have grabbed those buckets up in a New York Minute!!! I like my treasures to have a I'm not an Ikea kind of girl :)

  7. way to go on the sap buckets (or would that be sap's buckets for discarding them? tee hee). as a fellow word-inventor, i thought you might enjoy that!

    the colors are very cool. any plans or just display as-is? can't go wrong.


  8. For the most part...the heck with what's the "in" thing. If I love it, I love it...and it's mine and somehow, I work it in with a tasteful presentation. All this is especially true whe it's FREE!

  9. I seriously need to get go and get some of my own deals! Very fun pails :)

  10. I feel blessed having lived overseas as a child & then working for antiques dealer for so long. I grew up with no attachment to the "now & in" & had the fostered in my first work experiences. Buy what you love & to hell with whats in. Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best
    "Insist upon yourself. Be original."

  11. What awesome colors on those sap buckets...and all the more amazing that someone threw them away. Great save! *elaine*

  12. Joan, those are beautiful, love the green & blue ones. And I agree, I am trying really hard not to get into trends so much & just use what I love. It's hard not to look at magazines & get sucked into ideas that are gorgeous OR from seeing other blogs, but at the end of the day, I just have to do what I love in my own home.

  13. Those sap buckets are GORGEOUS! Love the colors! I can't believe someone threw them out.
    I don't intentionally follow trends, but sometimes the more you're exposed to something, the more you begin to appreciate it in a new way.

  14. Funny isn't it how our tastes change,but to toss those,not me!! I have a closet full of things that don;t interest me at the moment,but who knows they may tomorrow!! Thanks for coming by,I know I am dying to go to that store,maybe sometime in July!! All the best,Chrissy

  15. I love your cheery sap buckets! What will you put in them? I think I would make a succulent garden with them!

  16. Hey Joan, Thanks for visiting me yesterday. What a coincidence - this post about trends and me chickening out of plastering my powder room with Cabinet of Natural Curiosities. I agree with JunkerMidge - the more we're exposed to things, the more we notice them. I don't necessarily get rid of things when the "experts" say they're out, though. I did have some sap buckets, but I honestly can't remember what happened to them. They really were more rustic/garden-y than my taste runs anyway.

    By the way, I think I'm having a blogmance with your blog...

  17. Evening!

    To participate in Black and White Sunday....just take the button (which you have) and put that on your blog to link back to me, and it would probably help to leave a comment on my post tomorrow too....

    Can't wait to see your photos!!

    and thanks!

  18. As one who has followed the crowd most of her life, I have just found myself in decorating!
    I know what I like and that's what I'm doing from now on! I like sap buckets, maple sugar candy and REAL maple syrup too! Great find!

  19. Hey Girlie!
    My Brother thinks we're all idiots, loving this old junk! I say, you're just the type of Guy I love to buy from!!!!
    I don't know where the window originally came from, but like you, I love stained glass, and anything church related!
    'til next time,
    Barb C.

  20. I love those buckets, and the colors! I love your blog and am scrollin through all of your past posts! You have such wonderful finds and are so creative!

    Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting on my finds! Have a Great Week!

  21. Thanks for this great point of view. I have been mulling over different styles and how my likes don't neatly fit into any one category. I think that anything with a good design works in the long run and interest in antiques and vintage items will endure the next new trends.

  22. I have never heard of a sap bucket...they are precious!

  23. Joan,

    You are a bloggie pro. Love the buckets... I have a green one like that somewhere in my garage. There is still so much packed away it's crazy.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    Have a wonderful 4th and tell your hubby I said hello.

    Hope to see ya soon..........


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